Monday, February 27, 2012

NRaWin2012: Pepper and Onion Steak

I am STILL behind on these posts but I have been making them.  This next one is from our dinner on Feb 17th! :)  So...we're just going to keep working on trying to get caught up.  I've made Peppered Steak quite a few times and sometimes it comes out good and I have been known to over spice it.  My DH isn't a fan of soy sauce or anything too salty so that is good but I have over soy sauced or salted things plenty!  He was worried I would do the same with this so I enlisted my sister G's help since she always makes this really good!


Recipe: Pepper and Onion Steak

I started with a piece of steak...wish I remembered what kind of cut I got but I don't.  I sliced up the meat and put it into a bowl with some soy sauce, worcestershire sauce and some spices.  While that marinated, I started the rice and chopping the onions.  Then I started browned the meat while I cut up the rest of the onions, peppers and garlic.  I put in the veggies as soon as the meat was browned.  I then let it saute while I finished up the rice and put on the beans.  It took about 10 mins or less for the veggies to be done.  I like them to be a little bit crispy still.

This turned out pretty good! My sister usually uses a little Italian dressing for the marinade too but I didn't have any.  I'd like to try again with that.

Happy Cooking!!!

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