Thursday, April 5, 2012

Stash Diving...a tale of survival.

I have sort of been in a knitting rut. I think it's because I didn't finish the two big projects before the end of last term of the HPKCHC. On one hand I know that in order for me to feel prepared and ready for next term which starts in May, I have to get these two projects close if not all the way done but for some reason the more I want to the less time I have found to knit. I will share some of those distractions shortly but mainly I just haven't done it. So tonight instead of knitting on the lace shawl for my SIL that I am SO close to finishing...I think...or knitting on the vanilla sock that I have had as a side project for months...I decided to dive into my stash to just see what's there and reorganize.

Here is a picture of what it was to what it is now!

I took it all out before I took pictures or you would have seen a closet full of mess!! Now to be completely open, this isn't all my stash as some of it lives in another closet and some of it lives in a bin along with tools of the trade but this is the majority of my stash.

It might not look like it but it's organized. :). I have it in different big bags organized by fiber, sock yarn, other project yarn, and then lots of my first handspun which I am not entirely sure what to do with. I have the handspun that will be knit along with the other project yarns.

I love my stash. I know that sounds weird but I do. I wish I had more sweater worths of yarn but some day I hope to get there. I also wish I had a safe place to put it where I could see if more. There are some pretty yarn and fiber in there but I don't get to see it unless I dive in. Diving into the stash isn't something I do often as its just not reasonable. But I have it mostly listed on ravelry so I know what I have when thinking about a new project.

Speaking of new projects, I knit differently now than when I first started building my stash. So a lot of it reflects where I was as a knitter than where I am now. Hence the lack of sweater worths of yarn because I have just started knitting bigger projects like cardigans regularly. I do try to stick to knitting from the stash at every opportunity though.

And for the record I am a string believer that sock yarn and fiver do not count towards stash! :)

What are my distractions you ask? as usually prevents me from knitting during those hours. Then we have this little miss...she's just too cute to not spend every waking moment of hers being with her.

And then we have visitors. It started with CGR's grandma and grant who were pictured in the last post to now we have Grandpa!! My dad is here for a full month but he lives in panama and we don't get to see him often so we have to take full advantage!!

Other than that...the pups, house, and my family are big distractions but as you can probably tell all of these are good distractions so this gal is a happy camper! Might not be a productive crafter but a happy camper is good in my book!!

Happy Stashing!!!

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