Thursday, July 5, 2012

DOT: Sleepy clean puppies!

Happy Dogs on Thursday!  Hope you all had a great day yesterday.  Oh how I wish I had the rest of the week off but off to work I go.

Yesterday, the pups got baths and I LOVE bath day for them!  They both get dirty so quickly and I love to snuggle them but not a fan of snuggling stinky puppies, even though I still do. :)  So after getting baths, last night Miss Abbygirl knows she's not going to get kicked off the bed immediately so she snuggled with me on the bed for a while.  And Jackjack, the non-snuggler, let me pet him a bit before he was ready to be left alone.
I am thankful they are fine with the firework noises but Abbygirl always becomes my shadow when they start going off.  She's a clingy puppy.

Happy Dogs on Thursday!!!

How did your pups do with the fireworks?


  1. Sissy needs a chin/jowl/chest wash. She won't thank you for reminding me. ;)

    Sis doesn't mind the fireworks. Gretchen did better than she has before, and only ran around the yard yapping at the sky briefly.

  2. How cute is Abby - I love a snuggly dog!


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