Friday, July 6, 2012

Keeping it Real: beach, fireworks, and knitting

Keeping it Real - is a weekly meme from ink + chair where bloggers share the ups-downs, lows-highs, hits-misses, dark-light, peaks-valleys, plusses-minuses...of their week - acknowledging wholeness.
frogging -  lows
- still working on being patient and trying to focus on God's timing and not my own. 
- needing more time to organize my home, which always helps me organize my thoughts.
- struggling with getting out of my head and put thoughts into actions.
- CGR being too sleepy and not a fan of loud noises to actually enjoy fireworks this year...maybe next year.
 tail-wagging -  highs
- finishing another blanket square for CGR's barn raising quilt!   18 of 48(or 56) complete
- finishing some more hexipuffs, which are highly addictive and so fun! The first 14 completed pictured below.  2 more already done!  16 done and a million to go!
- spending time at the beach with sand in my toes and sun on my skin.
- having a midweek day off to enjoy the nice weather
- getting to spend time with my family 
- the "real" weekend is almost here!!!!!!!

Happy Friday!

What are your ups and downs of your week?


  1. Great photos! I still haven't gotten into hexies yet... all that seaming puts me off!

  2. Woah! That is going to be a SERIOUS quilt! can't wait to see the finished product!! Lil' J had me cover her hears for fireworks, then she liked them (and fell asleep). haha.


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