Thursday, August 30, 2012

DOT: Walking, walking, and more walking.

The pups have adjusted pretty well to the new house.  It has helped that they are now getting morning walks before I head to work.  As I have mentioned...several times, we moved 3 blocks from where we used to live.  My sister now lives across the street and she has always walked her dogs at 6 am every morning.  I often thought it would be great to walk with her but when my alarm goes off and the idea of walking those 3 blocks before I even met up with her...I would hit the snooze and sleep until I had to get up.
Monday morning, I heard Special K's alarm, which goes off way before mine and I got out of bed and went for a walk.  I beat my sister out that day but I realized I could do it.  So, now she texts me when she is about to head out and I meet her out there with the pups.  It's great for the dogs and it's nice to start my day with a morning walk with my sister.
I have even managed to go home for lunch a couple times this week to meet up with Special K and walked them after he heads back to work.  Special K has been so busy with cleaning the old house after work that I haven't really had a lot of time with him.  It's been nice to catch up at lunch for a little bit and then walk the pups before heading back to the ice box called my office.  It will be nice to have 4 days off this weekend to get our lives in order and get some rest.

The dogs are also enjoying the new house.  We got a new (to us) couch and we've decided to keep them off of it.  Jackjack has always been allowed to get on a couch so this is a new concept for him but he has done really well with it!  When we leave the house, we put the pillows up and blankets over them to block them from being able to get on it.  I have seen both of them jump up on it to bark at a passing dog when I've been out front but they can't get comfortable on it so they get down!  SCORE!  I love our new couch and I'd like it to be for human use...unlike Jackjack's loveseat at the old house which has been taken to the dump.  I am thankful I'll never see that thing again!

Our backyard at the new house is a tad bit smaller than the old house but with all the new smells the pups are enjoying going out there as well.  We don't have a doggie door and no plans to put one in as Abby likes to dig if not supervised.  With all the walks plus being let out back, I think the pups are doing good!

Hope you enjoyed the pup update!  Those two silly dogs are mischevious but thankfully we haven't come home to them getting into anything....YET!

Happy Dogs on Thursday!


  1. We loved the sectional at the beach house so much we got one for home too. The dogs like being able to sit with both of us at the same time.

    I am dragging after three mornings of walks this week. Evidently, I am the rare soul who does NOT perk up with morning exercise. I am normally a very happy morning person when I DON'T walk!!

  2. Oh it's hard to break them from being on the furniture isn't it? With the loss of Lucy, Beau has decided he gets to sleep on our bed - when we aren't in it. Umm no - time to put the baby gate back up. Enjoy the new house and the morning walks. g

  3. We've been wanting to get a sectional, too. Love the look of your room with it!


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