Thursday, November 29, 2012

Baby Bump: 21 week update!

Week: 21 weeks and 3 days!!  As you can see, Abbygirl wanted to help with the picture again this week. :)
Weight gain: 15+ lbs! Haven't weighed myself after Thanksgiving weekend but I feel I gained 5 lbs this weekend alone!
Baby's sex: Another Team PINK!
Baby's name: We still have a top pick for our baby name but we haven't yet committed to it.  I am getting a feeling Special K doesn't want to announce the baby name until she's born.
Sleep: Much better than it has been....other than I'm just not going to sleep earlier enough lately.  Trying to make a conscious effort to head to bed earlier...we'll see how it goes.
Movements: Starting to feel lots of kicks throughout the day and night.  I love getting that sweet little reminder kick that hey stop squishing me or hey I'm here. :)
Labor Signs:  None...the cramps from last week have thankfully subsided.  Just need to make sure I keep up with my water and resting.
Maternity Clothes: Pretty much all maternity now other than some jeans worn with my belly belt and long tanks with some pre-maternity tops.
This past week: It has been a long week...I felt like I posted the last update a MONTH ago but it has barely been a week.  As I wrote in my catch up post, we did so much and got very little resting in. 
Next Doctor's Visit: Next apt is Dec 19th
Overall, I'm physically exhausted and feel like I'm already starting to develop a small waddle.  I try hard to correct it when I realize I start waddling but I know it's inevitably coming and won't go away until after I deliver.  On another hand, Carmen has been hugging baby aka my belly every night before bed and I love it!  She is starting to really get that there is a baby in my belly since going to the ultrasound with us.  If you ask her where her baby is, she will point to my belly.  I can't wait for them to meet!  I think she is going to be a great big sister! Who am I kidding...I can't wait to meet this baby either but I'll be happy to wait until April and she's done growing in my belly first!  Stay put little girl and finish all the developing you need to do!  Love you so much already!

Thanks for reading another baby bump update!!

Happy Thursday! 

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