Thursday, December 20, 2012

4th Wedding Anniversary!! and how we celebrate...

4 years ago today at 3pm in front of our family and friends, Special K and I made a promise and vow to love, cherish, and support each other and became husband and wife!  It's amazing that 4 years has passed since that day...feels like yesterday.
Our wedding was my 2nd favorite wedding I've ever been to!  The first being my cousin's wedding in Austin...hands down the best wedding I've been to!  Special K will agree with me...that was the best wedding ever and we never expected or tried to top it! 

Our wedding was a reflection of us.  We had some traditional things but overall, I really wanted it to be a wedding that reflected who we were as a couple and who we are.  I also wanted it to be laid back and fun, which I feel we accomplished can you go wrong when you plan a Cubs themed wedding on the beach in Florida!  I didn't want to be a stressed out bride and I didn't want to worry about anything once it started.  I made it a point to say to myself right before I put on the dress that whatever happens from here, I did my planning and it will just go as it does and I'll enjoy it.  And enjoy it I did! 

We were married on the beach by our Pastor Dave, who was the same pastor who baptized Carmen and who is someone important to me.  I'm so glad he was able to marry us and his short "sermon" was perfect!  He used our Cubs theme and took the letters from Cubs to define a good relationship.  If I recall correctly it was C for Commitment, U for Union, B for Blessed, and S for Sacred.  I don't remember every word he said but I remember loving the sentiment.

Our marriage has been far from perfect but perfect for us.  I'm proud of the things we have gone through as a couple and I cherish his love.  We are both stubborn and are known to argue but we also know how to forgive and how to work through things.  I've learned a lot about myself and my husband in the last 4 years and I'm sure will learn more as we grow together in our relationship.

Dear Special K,

Thank you for loving me and for being you! 

Love you,


Some extra favorite pictures of Family...starting with the wedding party...yes it was quite large!
My sisters and dad...
Special K's family...
My daddy and me...

We will be celebrating our 4 year anniversary as we have celebrated the last 3...with some Kentucky Fried chicken!  Yes there is a story behind it!  The days before our first anniversary, we planned to drive up to OH for the holidays and go out in Pittsburgh for dinner.  We left Friday night and spent the night in Charlotte, NC and woke up at 7 am and got on the road with Jackjack along with us.  We had heard that there was some snow expected but we didn't realize we would end up stuck in the mountains of WV for over 6 hours!  There was an accident up in the mountains and while the accident was being cleared, which took a long time, the snow backed up on the roads so they had to get plows and ice trucks through the traffic and ahead of it to clear the mountain roads.  Thankfully we had brought along some food in a cooler and water and drinks.  Jackjack, who had never seen snow, wasn't sure how to potty in it but after a couple trips he figured it out! 

When the traffic did finally start moving, you could see that people had spent their time stuck building snowmen on the side and trying their best to enjoy themselves. We drove to the first town that had gas and filled up.  We then figured we'd try to make it to the next big town after the mountains and see if we could stay the night...yeah...we were kidding ourselves! There was not a room in the whole place!  After some was 1 am, Special K decided that he would just get a big cup of coffee and we'd keep going.  We FINALLY got to his sister's house at around 6:30-7am the morning of our anniversary!  We said our hellos and quickly fell into bed.  Once we woke up, we both looked at each other and decided that neither of us wanted to get in the car that they went and picked up Kentucky Fried Chicken and that was our celebration dinner. :)

The following year, we had just had Carmen and so we figured we'd just have it again...and that started our Kentucky Fried Chicken anniversary dinner.  We aren't big on fast food and I'm pretty sure we've probably only eaten there 5 or 6 times in the 4 years we've been married but it's our tradition and we'll stick to it as long as we can.   We do also usually go out to a nice dinner on another night as part of the least we did last year but not sure if we'll have time this year.  The holidays are approaching quickly!

Thank you for reading!!  Happy Thursday!  And a Big HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my husband and father of my girls!

Do you have any anniversary traditions you do with your husband?


  1. Love it!! I hadn't heard the Cubs sermon summary before. The KFC tradition is sweet too. K will never get in trouble for not making reservations somewhere awesome! ;)

    May you have MANY, MANY more wonderful years together.

  2. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! May you spend many years eating KFC! Love the story about the wedding - what a fabulous bride you were. and Beautiful. Merry Christmas to you and yours. g


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