Friday, December 14, 2012

Catching up: a walk, haircut, and more.

This past week has been busy!  Between trying to rest more, saying good bye for now to CGR's "sEE-Pa" aka my dad, and working...I haven't had time to post much!  So instead of a this moment post, your getting a catching up post with LOTS of pictures!

Let's begin with Friday night of last week.  CGR, some of my family, and I did the Jingle Bell Run aka Jingle Bell Walk because none of us ran it.  This is an annual event and it's always a fun time!  I wasn't sure I could walk the 3 miles this year as my belly gets tight when I walk and doesn't release until I rest.  We brought the wagon for little miss Carmen, who never wanted to get out of it, and that helped a lot!  It was so fun to see the lights, people, doggies, and walk with everyone.  We had a great time!

Saturday, was spent baking, cleaning, and trying to convince a little girl who had just said bye bye to her bobo(pacifier) that it was time for nap!  Then we went to get her very first haircut with the hairdresser that my whole family has been going to for over 15 years!  I was really worried about how this would go as on the way there we had quite the little tantrum but as soon as we got there she was ready for us.  Once Carmen sat on her daddy's lap and Shawn started cutting her hair she was GREAT! 

And then some pictures I got of her new bangs!  I was originally hesitant about giving her bangs but I LOVE THEM!!  She can see!! Especially since she won't let me put her hair up anymore!

Sunday morning before my family's wafflepalooza, I had to make more cookies for my family holiday cookie exchange.  I tried a new recipe and well...first batch I burned and had a hard time forming them.  I used this recipe I found on pinterest for caramel chocolate cookies!  Special K went fishing with his dad, so I had a little toddler running around as I tried to make the cookies.  She saw the flour I seemed to be having a great time playing with so she wanted some of her own!  I set her up next to me with her own flour and she had a blast playing with it!  She made a huge mess but it was worth every speck of flour on her, the floor, and the pups!  She has been asking to do this again so we're already planning more baking with her this weekend!

Sunday night, the family went to dinner and then headed downtown to see the lights!  Carmen had to bring the wagon again, which was fine with me as my back can't handle holding her for a long time and she loves her momma.  It was great to see her expression when looking at the lights and the horsie!


The sad part of the week was having to say good bye to my dad, who flew back to Panama this week after spending 3 weeks with us.  Every morning, Carmen and I would pick him up from my sister's house and we'd drop off Carmen and then my dad and I would go get coffee on my way to work.  He borrowed my car.  Carmen loved to see her "see-Pa" as she calls him everyday!  I'm so glad they got to spend lots of time together.  We are going to miss him a lot but he's already planning to come back in May to meet the baby and be here for my nephews' graduations. YAY
 And just because I can...a couple extra cute pictures of CGR!
Hope you enjoyed this pretty long picture filled catch up post!

Happy Friday!!!

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  1. Okay, Carmen is VERY cute and all, but Abby with the baking assistant evidence in her fur is the cutest for me this time!


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