Saturday, December 1, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Carmen Grace!

2 years ago today, Carmen Grace decided it was time to join us!  She waited until 6:35 pm two days after her due date but she was/is perfect in every way!  I'm thankful every day that she chose us to be her parents!  When people talk about how having children changes you, you never know what they mean until you look into your babies eyes for the first time and know that from that moment on everything is different.  I could write a whole post about what I feel about that but today it's her birthday and we'll keep it short.

Today we will be off preparing for and then celebrating Carmen's 2nd birthday! I promise to share pictures but for now here is a slideshow of pictures I put together of some of my favorites from her first 2 years with us! Enjoy!

Happy 2nd Birthday to Carmen!  

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  1. What a sweet, cozy photo. Happy birthday, Carmen!


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