Friday, February 1, 2013

Knitting: January round up, FOs, and a WIP!

Hello my blog readers.  The little impromptu break/radio silence was due to illness.  The flu hit our family in several ways.  Started with Little Miss Carmen having a thankfully short stomach flu bug, which only lasted about 3 hours.  Then the following week she came down with the flu and passed it along to me.  She was better within a day of starting the Tamiflu...but took me and my pregnant butt a couple days.  We are thankfully both better but have been catching up with life and work.  

Another reason for the radio silence was because work was being done on our house.  I think I've mentioned before but we are hopefully closing on our house at the end of this month!!  Please send good thoughts/prayers our way for a smooth close...there are lots still pending but we love the house we live in and really hope we are able to close on time.  

Now for a knitting update since that is what this post is going to be about...stay tuned shortly for baby bump update.


As I mentioned in this post, my knitting mojo is back and with a vengeance.  I'm loving it!  I feel so productive when I'm productive with my knitting and spinning.  Fellow crafters will totally understand what I'm talking about but when you see things flying off the needles/hooks/sewing maching or whatever really, it brings you such satisfaction.

You can also go back to that post for the first 5 finished objects of the month.  Here is the list of the rest. :)

The Momma and Baby Monster is complete!  I love how this turned out!  I really think Carmen is going to love it!  I used the Daphne and Delilah Momma and Baby Monster pattern by Rebecca Danger and some yarn from JoAnne's.  I turned this into an HPKCHC class. Isn't it so cute?

After I finished this, I quickly crocheted up a dishcloth to turn in for the Headmistress Challenge.

Then I plied the yarn that was on my wheel and turned it into a class.
Last class I turned in was all the hexipuffs I knit this month!  I managed to knit 8 between all the other stuff I did.  I think I deserve a pat on the back for that one! YAY!
After getting 6 classes turned in, which is the most you can submit for points and doing all the extras I could for the month of January, I pulled out my Aidez cardigan that I started LAST January and figured out where I had made my mistake and started working on it!  I forgot how much fun it was to knit.  Right now I'm a sleeve away from seaming it up and turning it into Detention for Feb!  I can do it!

Well, that is a quick knitting/spinning round up for January.  I'll be back next week with a planning post for February and HOPEFULLY a finished Aidez cardigan! :)

Happy Knitting!

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