Friday, February 1, 2013

Baby Bump: 30 week update!

Week: 30 weeks and 3 days
Weight gain: 36 lbs so far...that is around what I gained total with Carmen and I still have 10 weeks to go.  What is so great is that it's only a little over 2 lbs from 2 weeks ago.  Looks like my weight gain is slowing...could have been because I was sick over the weekend and not stuffing my face like normal....but I will take it!
Baby's sex: Another Team PINK!
Baby's name: The name has been decided but Special K wants to wait until the birth to announce this time.
Sleep: With Carmen being sick and with Special K staying up late doing work on the house, sleep has been rough.  Also having pains in my sleep and having to switch positions wakes me up.  Nothing to do but grin and bear it!
Movements: Lots of movement!  She loves to kick and wiggle!  I love her kicks and wiggles! :)
Labor Signs:  None.
Maternity Clothes: I've been all about comfort!  Still loving the Blanqi support tank!  I pulled out some of my old maternity jeans from last pregnancy and while they are a bit big they are so much more comfortable than anything else.  I have a pair on in the picture above.  Also if you notice even my maternity tops do not cover my whole belly.  Layering is key!
Big Sister Carmen: Poor thing has been sick on and off but she is doing great!  She has felt the baby move some more and is so cute.  When I'm reading her books at night, the baby in the belly moves over to give her room in my lap.  It's pretty cute!
Past couple weeks: Between sickness, housework, work, and life...let's just say I'm not even sure what to say.  We've made it through.
Doctor's Visit: Today's apt was with the nurse practitioner and I really like her!  She's new and very nice.  She felt around and confirmed that the baby's head is already down and she helped me feel it.  Was pretty cool to know I was feeling my baby's head.  She said that the baby has probably figured out already that she has a bit more wiggle room if she just goes head down.  The NP also said that the baby has her spine along mine and that is causing the back pain I have been having.  She gave me some exercises to try to encourage her to swing around and was happy to hear I have an apt with a chiropractor on Wed! Looking forward to feeling what he can do for me!  I could use some relief.  When NP went to hear the heartbeat it sounded so far away because of the position that the baby is in.  It's a good strong heartbeat but we had to hear it from a distance.  Little stinker!  So, I'm glad all my vitals are good still and my weight gain has slowed a bit. 
Next Doctor's Visit: Apt with Chiropractor on Wed and then OB in 2 weeks!!  Feb 13th.  All OB apts from here on out are already scheduled.  So wild!
Looking forward to: The visit with the chiro!  Really need some back relief.  The support fixed most all my ligament pain but not all the back pain.  Also looking forward to enjoying the last couple months of Carmen being an only child.  She is just growing so fast and want to savor this time before she has a sibling.
Todos: Same as 2 weeks ago...since nothing got done! Sort through Carmen's current drawers and remove any clothes she no longer fits into.  Move twin bed into her room and rearrange furniture.  Figure out the diaper changing station I was talking about and find and clean the cover on the co-sleeper/pack-n-play.  Look into getting a rock n play sleeper.
Overall, I've been feeling good and glad all is going well with this pregnancy.  I have a full on waddle and I can't count the number of times that either people have commented on the "torpedo" belly or asked me if I was due soon...nope 2 months!!

Thanks for reading another baby bump update!!

Happy Wednesday! 

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  1. Loved the side by side (FB? Insta?) of both pregnancies at this point. Are you SURE she's a she? ;) I don't remember how the old wives' tale goes, but you're definitely carrying #2 quite differently.


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