Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Baby Bump: 28 week update!

Week: 28 weeks 2 days
Weight gain: 33 lbs so far...this girl is growing!!
Baby's sex: Another Team PINK!
Baby's name: The name has been decided but Special K wants to wait until the birth to announce this time.
Sleep: This has been touch and go.  I still need to update you all on the crazy that happened last week but let's just say for over a week no one in the house slept through the night completely.  Two nights ago was the first time we could and I kept waking up anyway.  Hoping to get more comfortable again and be able to sleep but with the way this little girl is growing...I'm not going to hold my breath!
Movements: She moves all the time!  She's starting to lose a lot of her extra room so I can feel that the kicks are different but she is competing with her sister for the prize of best soccer player in womb! :)
Labor Signs:  None.
Maternity Clothes: I've been all about comfort!  Still loving the Blanqi support tank and sporting the work out pants but it's comfy and that's all that matters to me!
Big Sister Carmen: She had a bit of a scare last week that I'll talk about in another post...but she is doing well.  She's not a huge fan of feeling the baby kick but she does like to hug, kiss, sing, and talk to the baby.  She even read the baby a book the other night. 
Past couple weeks: Life has been crazy but it's been good too.  I finally found the newborn-3 month box and did our first newborn laundry!  They are so tiny and cute!  I am waiting on the 3 month clothes because I'm not sure where her clothes are going to go yet so I don't want to do them quite yet.  The kids(...yes...I said crazy...)are going to share a room eventually but the baby will be in our room for the first couple months.  I've been thinking about setting up a diaper/clothes changing area for the new baby that is either in our room or the living room.  That way at night when she needs changing I don't need to go into disturb Carmen.  We haven't put the twin bed in her room yet but that is on the list of things to do soon.  As soon as we get that in there, then we'll know more about what other furniture will fit and figure out where we want it to go.  My friend has offered her small diaper changing table since with Carmen we just used a dresser with a contour changing pad on it and while I was hesitant at first I realized it would be a great idea to have that in our room or in the living room for changes.  Thankfully with the new house we have room! :) I'll try to take a picture of the before and after but we haven't really decorated things fully yet since we knew that her room would change with the new baby's stuff.
Pictures comparing the growth in 2 weeks....WOW!
Doctor's Visit: The doctor's visit today went well...sort of.  I had my glucose test that now I just have to wait for the test results but they sort of forgot about me.  I ended up waiting a long time and then I was going to be late getting back for a call so then they rushed me through.  I had stuff I wanted to discuss with the doctor more but I guess since we start 2 week apts now I'll be back there soon.  Nothing was really urgent.  Baby is doing well with a strong heartbeat and my vitals were great.  Blood pressure was perfect and weight gain while still going at an alarming rate for me...doesn't seem to alert anyone. :)
Next Doctor's Visit: 2 weeks!!  Feb 1st.
Looking forward to: Getting the results from the glucose test.  I hate wondering if I'm gestational's so nerve wracking.  I wasn't last pregnancy and I don't think I will be this one either but you never know. 
Todos: Sort through Carmen's current drawers and remove any clothes she no longer fits into.  Move twin bed into her room and rearrange furniture.  Figure out the diaper changing station I was talking about and find and clean the cover on the co-sleeper/pack-n-play.  Look into getting a rock n play sleeper.
Overall, I'm still in a little shock we have arrived at the third trimester already.  I'm SO glad we are that far along because I seriously feel like she is growing so fast and taking over my whole torso and pushing anything she needs to aside...especially my lungs!  I'm also very glad we have time before she'll be here.  We are getting things organized to God willing close on our house at the end of next month and then we'll need to prepare for her arrival shortly there after.  It's a lot going on but we've had time to plan for all of it thankfully.  Just hoping that baby girl can stay put and keep cooking until we are ready for her.  My knitting mojo is still going great and I managed to spin some last night with no pain!  YAY!  So...overall...this preggo is doing good this week.

Thanks for reading another baby bump update!!

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. What a difference two weeks make! Grow baby, grow!


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