Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Masterpiece: Sockhead had for my dad's 80th!

Let's catch up with some of my finished objects from this past 6 months...

The first finished object or as we call them in our podcast "Masterpieces" I'd like to share with you is the Sockhead hat. I made this my dad for his 80th birthday, which was on May 32nd, 2014!  He requested a thin hat for nights in Panama when it gets cooler a while back but it took me a bit to find the perfect yarn/pattern/inspiration to get this project started and completed.  I'm so excited how it came out and I love love love this picture of him in it.
I also love these 2 pictures of my first model in it.

Project details
Pattern: Sockhead Hat by Kelly McClure
Yarn: The Unique Sheep Verve in the insecta gradiance colorway
Cast on date: May 16th, 2014
Finished date: May 28th, 2014 Just in time for his birthday!
Notes: This pattern says to knit for a bit longer than I did.  I didn't want it to be slouchy on my father and after I finished it I was worried it wouldn't fit it.  I was so glad when he tried it on and it fit perfectly!  I enjoyed this pattern as it was simple and quicker than I thought.  I love knitting with sock yarn so I may have to make a couple more of these for others in my family.

Happy Knitting!

Have you finished any knitting projects lately?

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