Thursday, August 6, 2015

Our 4th of July trip to Ohio in pictures.

Last month we were able to take a week off and make the 16+ hour road trip up to visit our family in Ohio!  We had a wonderful time with lots of memories made.  Some of the highlights were meeting the girl's new twin boy cousins, spending the day fishin on the lake, and getting to spend an afternoon at our Aunt's house for 4th of July celebration.  We all enjoyed the trip and were so thankful we were able to make the drive up to be with our family up there for a whole week in the summer!

Let's first start with this word FL had been having a very hot summer but I had not realized that Ohio had been having a very wet and chilly one.  Not sure what I was thinking but I didn't pack a single pair of pants for the girls and I.  Thankfully I did grab some pullovers for the three of us and those came in VERY handy the first couple days when it was quite chilly for us FL folks.  The girls did look very cute in their Wonderful Wallaby pullovers I had knit them late winter so they had not been able to wear them yet. 
We had so much fun on Austin lake!  We originally went for a short time on Monday and rented paddle boat and just went around the lake but then Special K got the idea we should take the girls fishing.  We got a great deal on a pontoon boat and spent 4 hours on the boat with these silly girls!
 The girls did so good and really enjoyed watching the worms try to escape from the little container.
 And learned how to fish from their daddy!
 And fishing with their new frozen fishing poles.  We have some for them here but since we didn't think to bring them we did a quick trip to the store and bought some.
And those Frozen fishing poles caught lots of fish!  The girls themselves did not catch fish but daddy and I did!  The girls just wanted to touch them before we threw them back in.
 Daddy's catch! 
 Mommy's catch!
Happy girls in our Happy place!
 Daddy's Happy Place!
 And that was our boating trip!  We are already planning another trip!  We may not make it up again next year but we plan to take the girls again!

Here are some cute pictures of the at our 4th of July celebration and their Graunt's house.
 And here they are riding the cart when we were checking out from our hotel room on our way home.
As I said, we are so thankful we were able to make the trip happen and were so glad to spend this time with family and friends.  Here's to next time!

Happy Traveling!

Have you done any traveling this summer?  Do you have any end of summer travel plans? 

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