Thursday, April 19, 2007

Another Dog Post!!! GO JACKJACK

Ok...for's some more info on the pet food recall. This stuff really scary because I'm obsessed with my dogs. Itchmo I don't feed my dogs anything I can get at a grocery store yet I'm still worried that they aren't eating the right food.

Ok...what I really wanted to post about was my amazing moment with my dog Jackjack. Now...for background info Jackjack, my black lab likes to run off. He's even gotten hit by a car and his elbow shattered. He's got two pins in it. Ok...besides the point. So...I've been workign really hard on his recall, ability to come when called, and his general attention to me since he's been injured. My golden Abigail is much better at generally staying close to me. The last couple weeks I've trusted her enough to go to the grassy area by my house and play chuck-it with her and I tether jackjack to the picnic table and train him. Well, yesterday we were out there and a girl and her sister who I had just met a couple weeks ago was walking and stopped to talk to me....hence mom is distracted. I wasn't paying attention when Jackjack spotted a chihuahua and decided to get it. He ran and when he hit the end of the just snapped. I saw my escape artist running away. Abby and I quickly headed after yelling his name. The poor unsuspecting owner quickly snatched up her pup. Jackjack of course as soon as he got there veared away. At this point abby was close enough to tackle him. I yelled again and they both looked at me...and this is the big part...which to others isnt' big but to me is HUGE. Jackjack looked at me and started running towards me. As soon as he got to me I threw a party for him and gave him tons of treats. :) It was awesome. Abby of course was right there with us. We stayed for a bit longer than the three of us headed home with smiles on our faces and to the pet store to replace his leash. :)

Looks like my time with two dogs who can be off leash and stick around are closely approaching. I'm excited to test him out at the dog beach...

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