Friday, April 20, 2007

Chicago Cubs!!!

Ok...I have always since I can remember been a Chicago Cubs fan. My cousin played for them for 6 years and my summers were spent following the team tickets will do that to my father. We usually spent about 2 wks in Chicago when they had a couple series in a row. (My aunt lives there) Hence we would probably go to about 8 games or more in those two weeks. This love of the Cubs developed as did my intense love for Wrigley Field("old style, beer here, old style"). In all I've been a fan for over 15 yrs. Yes, they are getting better but I have always been loyal. I have never rooted for any team that was playing against them...even when they are losing I still root for them. I dabbled in the San Francisco Giants Fan base but it couldn't' stick and I just didn't feel right about it. I am not a fan of Barry Bonds...yes, he is a great player but who doesn't know he's taking steroids. Even if his "trainer" gave it to him...I would make sure what I'm being given before I take it. It is his body. Ok...old subject. I do attend many a Devil Ray's games but that is just because it's the local team. I root for them but only due to geography...and they don't play the Cubs. :)

Anyway, I am dating Special K (he's in previous posts) and he happens to be a CUBS fan!! Which is a GREAT thing. I was shocked and excited when I found out. BUT!!!!! He recently has said that I would not be as big of a fan if I wasn't dating him. I take offense to this because I have probably been a fan longer than him...due to the fact that I'm older as well as wiser. :) Ok...Yes, he may keep better track of stats and probably watches more games than I do....BUT i have a pretty bad memory and I like to be outside. I like to watch baseball games...but I love to GO to baseball games. :) I think this may be a battle that is yet settled!! GO CUBS!!!!!!!!


  1. First off, for the record . . . .

    Barry has NEVER tested positive for steriods, or any other banned substance designated as so by the league.

    Secondly, well there is no secondly. I just needed to get your attention. GO YANKS!!!

  2. And secondly, stop using so many friggn' smiley faces. You're a 27 year old woman for Christ's sake!


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