Friday, June 15, 2007


Sometimes I feel bad for men...they have to deal with our hormones and our mood swings and pretty much all the craziness that comes along with being a woman. I get sick of myself sometimes. I have this great boyfriend, Special K. I've mentioned him a couple times on here. He's the most understanding guy I've ever been with and the most supportive as well. Everyone who knows me knows that I am just a tad bit from crazytown. If left to my own devices my mind goes nutts...especially when my hormones are whacked. Last night I took a simple situation and I reacted horribly and caused a big fight. Special K had gone over to his dad's to hang out after work because his dad's been out of town. We talked early and he'd said he was going to leave work at 6 and stay about half hour at his dads and he'd be home. I said well if I get hungry I'll scrounge something out of our fridge, which right now there is nothing in that's really edible. :)

So...I was fine. I finished sewing what I needed to on my t-shirt quilt and then I looked around for food and obviously found none. I decided to wait til Special K got home and grab something to eat....I started reading and thinking...thinking is BAD for me. I sat around waiting for him and the closer it got til 8 and hungrier I got the moodier and frustrated I got. Instead of following my sisters Fleas, advice and just call and tell him to meet me somewhere to eat or ask if I can grab something for him. I decide to leave the house and get something to eat....I txt him and said "I'm hungry going to get something to eat be home later." Now the be home some of you may understand is not the nicest way to put things. He txts me back asking what I was getting. I txt back that I'm getting a wrap at Tropical Smoothie and ask if he's eating at his dads. The response is "might as well now". I call him and all it leads to at this point is him asking why I'm mad and me hanging up on him. I stay and eat and probably take my time because I'm not really sure what I'm going to say when I get home. Well... I finally get home and we start communicating and all gets better. Like I said he's pretty understanding and he wants to know why I'm so upset and when we get to the bottom of it and we both agree that I should have reacted differently and he probably should have let me know he was leaving work late and that he'd be later...we settled down and cuddled and had a good evening. I love Special K and I know that I'm sometimes a freak of jumbled hormones...and I'm just glad to say that he loves me and wants to stick around...despite me being a woman.

Happy 5 month Anniversary Special's to 60+ years more.


  1. [sticks his finger down his throat and makes a loud gagging sound]

    I think you need to stop watching Oprah. It's starting to affect your brain . . . .

  2. I don't think Oprah has anything to do with it. You had more of an effect on how I am in relationships than some TV chick. Think of that big brother!!!!

  3. I seriously doubt that. DOG LADY!


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