Thursday, July 5, 2007

The little things...

Sometimes it's the little things that a person you love does for you that mean more than they can imagine. Today started out as a normal day. I actually had a temp job today being the receptionist at the temp agency I am using. It's pretty much the only day this week that I'm working. :)

I got up and walked the dogs, made coffee and toast with jelly for breakfast, made my lunch, got ready for work, and headed out the door. Walked down to my car, fixed the seat because Special K was the last to drive it. Got settled in and turn the ignition...only to find that my car would not start. Yesterday I was on empty and we took my car to meet Special K's boss to go out on the boat. I had known we needed to stop and put gas in the car but on the way there we were running late and after the boat we just were tired and came home. We drove his truck around that night so I never thought about my lack of gas again...until 7:30am when I thankfully was heading to work early. So...I quickly called Special K at work and told him my car wouldn't start. He said without hesitation I'll be right there. A little more than 10 minutes later he picked me up and drove me to work. We got there on time and he kissed me good bye, said I love you and I'll pick you up at 5.

Now...this may not seem like much but to me it shows me how much we are a couple now and how much he loves me and is my partner in life. I've never been one to depend on people outside my family. I usually am there for my friends but don't call them for much. Special K is the first boyfriend that I've allowed myself to depend on. We have only been together a short while...will be 6 months next saturday but he means more to me than anything. We have our disagreements and we both have our moments of wanting to kill each other but in the end we always end our day on a positive note and an I love you.

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