Friday, July 20, 2007

Shooting Range... yes two post in one day but whatever. :) So, Special K likes guns and likes to shoot them. His boss C and his wife S also likes to shoot guns. We hang out with them every once in a while and they've actually invited us to go to the shooting range with them..well, more times that I can remember. I've never shot a gun and to be honest I'm kind of scared to. I've mananged to avoid it by saying things from "no" to "we already have plans." about two weeks ago the plan was made for us to go tonight. Yes, I still don't want to go but for Special K I'm going to brave it and go with him. I have to try at least once anyway. I'm not sure what I'll be shooting with...even though I saw several of C and S's collection on Monday night at dinner. I only held one and I wasn't all that comfortable with it.

I'll let you know how it goes later. I like peace and creativity....not really into war or guns. I do like men who like guns, hunting, and manly stuff though. :) hmmm.

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