Friday, July 20, 2007


I found a local yarn store that guess what....has a free instructor there from 10am to 1pm on wed and sat. I haven't had time with my busy week to frequent any of the local yarn shops and was planning on it next week but with a free instructor there, I'll be there tomorrow...which happens to be saturday. YEAH!!!

She/he can hopefully help me with my stitches which I feel are too lose in some places and too tight in others. I'll take a picture of my pre-instruction piece I'm working on right now for reference for my later years. :)

(that may be my 3rd post today on this blog if I put a pic up) hehehehe

I emailed my sister's to see if anyone wants to join me. I asked my niece, Sammy, who showed interest last night but we'll see. I hope she joins in the fun.. :)

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