Friday, July 20, 2007

This week....

This week has been CRAZY. First off I'm not used to working full 8 hours a day and then add a 40 minute commute to and from work and you got a frazzled, tired gnat.

Last night was pretty bad because I had taken on a tech task for the Parent Association at school. It was due this morning so last night was the time to do it. I got off work at around 5 and drove home, swinging by to pick up the last of the task and headed home. Was starving so I quickly walked the dogs, made scrambled eggs and toast for dinner. Worked on task. Went over and finished task at Fleas and then got home at almost 9pm. Special K was glad to see me home but when I ran down and got the laundry and proceeded to fold them while he was doing dishes, changed and climbed in bed exhausted he was a tad upset. We ended up staying up and talking instead of what I had wanted to do....SLEEP.

This morning was our running morning but as we woke up at 5:15 we both agreed we needed sleep. :) But promised tomorrow would be a running day. my's boring and they don't really have much for me to do so I've been uber reading blogs(mostly knitting blogs because I'm OBSESSED) and yup you guessed it. Sneakily knitting behind my desk. :) I've gotten caught once but all that was said was "knit one, purl two" Can't beat that. :)

I've also decided to make a knitting blog. :) You knew it would happen. I can't help it. It's Bark n Knit. I haven't posted anything as of right now but I'm probably going to repost that post on here from yesterday. It would be a good start. :) I hope none of my three readers are disappointed that I'm making another blog...I actually deleted abb's training diary for this I'll keep up with both. :) Enjoy. Hey just think if you don't really want to hear about my knitting you don't have to read that one. :)

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