Thursday, July 19, 2007

My first knit!! I ventured into Michael's on my way home last night. I didn't have much time because I wanted to spend at least 15 minutes chilling with Special K before I had to babysit but I had to, just had to stop and buy needles and yarn.

So...I've been reading and wanting to learn for how long now...two months secretly. :) I get to the store and there are millions of different choices of yarn and I get a little over whelmed. I had read that I needed to get worsted weight yarn in a solid color to start and size 8, 9, or 10 needles. I started looking and with no help in sight I grabbed the size 10 1/2 Bamboo needles and then moved on to yarn. My first stop was the bargain bin and I found some Bernat Softee Chunky yarn in cool colors for only $1.99...of course not solid...the thoughts of solid color and worsted yarn quickly leaving my brain. I find two different ones I like that are for a size 10 needle. I am pleased with myself but I look around at the other ones but I had already sold myself on the two I had. Oh I get home and then remember...what was I thinking. I'm learning to knit and should follow directions but oh well. I have the yarn now and I WANT to learn now. :) I don't have time to return the yarn and get what I needed. :) oh well.

This is what I got.(not the best lighting but oh well)

So, I spend about 30 minutes talking and showing off my purchase to Special K, who for the record could care less about what I got but was semi-interested because I was excited. Then off I went to babysit while he returned to work. As I got to babysitting with my new purchases with me, I start talking to my landlord and we get to the part where I'm starting to learn to knit...and guess what. The oldest of the girls I sit for, we'll call her Lil L, she happened to tell her mom the other day that she wanted to start learning to knit.. Yeah!!! a person to knit with!!! It's especially cool because I babysit often and hence we can knit together. First step need to learn to cast on and actually knit before I can show her how. :) She finds her stuff, the parental units head out for dinner, and I plop down in front of the computer and watch some tutorials(not for long and I still kept an eye on the girls). Within 15 minutes I catch on to casting on continental style and knitting english(I didn't get the continental and last time I learned knitting it was english) So..then I cook dinner and we eat burgers and cherries(healthy and a great combination).

And so we knit!! So I show Lil L how to cast on and send her on her way to practice. I on the other hand, have cast on and knit a few rows, frogged the whole thing and started over about 10 times at this point. :) I attempt to actually continue to knit but I kept missing a stitch so I'd just frog and start again. I'm at the point where I've stopped frogging it just to let you know. :)

So...the yarn finish. I've decided to make two scarves out of the yarn I got and practice just knitting one all the way and the other one purl it the whole way. Then next week when I'm sitting again, I plan on taking Lil L out to the cool yarn shops I found and don't have time to visit yet and get a skein of yarn that is nice and pretty and worsted. :)

I've very excited to start my knitting!! I haven't decided yet whether to start a knitting blog or not. I don't want knitting to take this blog over but I'm not sure I'm at the knitting blog stage yet. I'll keep you posted. :)

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  1. Welcome to the world of knitters. It`s a lovely place to be. Have been here for 30 years more or less and loves it. Looking forward for the dishcloth swap too.


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