Friday, August 3, 2007

Deleted a blog... I'm down to two blogs... I had a conversation today with my brother and he said it's hard keeping up with my blogs so I should condense them. I said OK. So, I deleted the dog blog and now I'm sticking to this one which will have some stuff about my pups and my knitting blog, Bark n Knit which will also have dog stuff so I'm covered. :) I think it was a great suggestion and it might help people out if they do decide to read these. This one is mostly going to be about non-crafting stuff and of course the other one about crafting stuff. I can't guarantee that they won't be mixed a bit but I don't really want to put all of this on one because some people don't care about my crafts and I know they care about my life..hehehe and some don't really care about too much of my life and just want to see my crafts. :) yeah... a perfect world I'd just have one. :) I know. Thanks for the support.

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  1. Woohoo! Just when I suspected you were incapable of following advice . . . you go and do something crazy like this.

    [sniff] . . . . I'm so proud.


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