Sunday, August 5, 2007

LYSs, FOs, and a new knitter!!!

To start off I wanted to show you my CAP's Magic Scarf FO.. :) I like it but it's pretty short so I'm probably going to give it to Lil L who showed interest. :)

So...Saturday, as I have for the last three Saturday's, I headed over to a LYS, Stitchworm for some free instructions. Lil L came with me and she was again the superstar. :)

She actually started a pattern for a shaw/half sweater thing...not sure what it's called right now. Anyway, I got her some new needles and 3 skeins of some pretty yarn. She made her first swatch...I don't think she really understood what gauge was but she did good. We both learned how to make holes and I learned how to increase and decrease because I want to make a hat for Special K.

My friend D came along this time too. We went to see the Simpson Movie with her on friday night and another friend C which doesn't seem to want to learn to knit but her loss right?? I was talking all about knitting and how much fun I've been having and D thought it would be fun to come with. She is super creative and does all kinds of fun mosaic stuff. D did good...she needed a bit of help getting started but after that she had fun. They got her started with some yarn and needles so she can work on it for the next couple weeks until she can return. (She is a jet-setter for the next couple weekends. )
I was having a bit of a moment this saturday. I showed up with no pattern but I knew I wanted to knit it in the round... :) I know very specific but I really want to learn. I mentioned this to Ricky, knitting instructor, who tried to find a pattern in the store to help me out but we couldn't find one for knitting a hat in the round. I thought about just getting some circular needles and just making up as a go but for some reason they weren't having it and I needed to get Lil L back home because she was heading to Orlando with a friend and her family. I was a little disappointed when I got home so I searched the internet and found a pattern at Mind's Eye Yarns that Special K liked so I had DIRECTION!!! We headed out to the beach to meet up with some friends and I slyly mentioned...we'd be passing by the other LYS Needles and Knobs.. :) Special K agreed since the hat is for him and we went in...Yes...let me repeat Special K entered a yarn store with me. :) I was happy. He just sat on the couch and said yes that one for the yarn...but it was great. He was there with me. The lady there was so great...she's super nice and energetic. I really like her...I again forgot to ask her name...ugh. Anyway she got me set up with some Addi Turbo's size 7 circular needles, double points size 7, and some black feathered yarn...I also grabbed some sale yarn that I had eyed last time I was in. :) When I got home after the beach I decided not to start the hat yet but to knit up some of the dishcloth yarn I got last week for my sister. She had surgery yesterday and I wanted to bring a gift with me today when I visited her at home. I forgot to take a picture before I wrapped it up but its a pattern I made up with stockinette and garter stitch. I like it and she seemed pleased with it even through her pain today. I made a little card with one of my staps to go with it. ;)
Well...Special K is out watching the Cubs game and I'm going to go hang with him a bit. I think I'll cast on the hat tomorrow so I can give him the quality time I think he's asking for. He's being as supportive as he can with my knitting and I know he loves that I'm creating things but I think sometimes he just wants me to pay attention to I'm off to give him that time. I know this has been a long post...but I hope you've enjoyed the pictures. :)


  1. It's great that you are helping to get others into the craft. What a gift!

  2. Thanks...I'm so excited about it I think it rubs off. :) I actually cast on for the hat tonight. So I'll take pictures so far. :)


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