Thursday, August 30, 2007

Dogs on Thursday!! and weekend stuff.

Guess what?? It's Thursday and I remembered Dogs today!! Lie is busy so this is going to be short. :)

Here's a video of my Jackjack and a bit of Abby swimming in my old landlord's pool. This is back when he was hesitant about water but just wanted to join Abby a true water dog with her fun. :) They are the cutest pups. :)

This weekend is going to be a little crazy. Starting today I'll be babysitting two little girls while their parents are out of town. They happen to be my nephew, Crazy Boy's friends so he will no doubt want to spend time over the house. I'll have the girls until Tuesday afternoon. I'm hoping to get all the dishcloths for my co-workers knocked out. I want to start learning how to make socks next week so I really want to get done with these. I also need to start making stuff for my Pay It Forward. I have the ideas I just need to go get the supplies. With all the moving stuff it's been tough to make time for my crafts. Only short bursts here and there.

Hope everyone is having a great day. I'm super excited that the HSKS 3 swap is starting!! It's my first official swap that has started that I've joined. If you notice there has been a couple of buttons pop up over the last week. All these cool KALs and swaps are just too fun to pass up. :)

Happy Knitting!!!


  1. What a great video!!! Gorgeous labs!

  2. PS - my "kids" just invited yours to their pup pals on dogster!

  3. Hilarious! What a brave doggie. The music is perfect :)

  4. Oh I just loved that video, who knew there was sychronized dog swimming :-)


    Thanks fors topping by my blog, just mostly so that now I know you exist, and can visit your blog!

  5. Sometimes getting in the water is the most difficult step!! Cutie-cute!


  6. So glad to have a fellow Lab owner in the swap! Chester was so hesitant about the water at first, but watching him this weekend at the cabin, you would never know.

  7. What a great video!
    What great dogs you have!


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