Thursday, August 2, 2007


So....I finially finished my t-shirt quilt that I started back in May. I know realize that It was a much bigger project than I probably should have picked for my first quilt but I think it looks great so I'm happy with it. I did most the sewing and putting the blanket together at my landlord's house. I should have taken pictures but I was too busy working away to worry about that. :) But once I finished the blankets with my sisters help and started to actually quilt...I decided to set it up in my apartment. So the pic on the left here is how i worked in my apartment.

I have a direct view of the tv. :) I quilted continuously thru the entire movie of Rent. I love that movie and I could sing and I've seen it so many times that I don't really need to "see" it. So I worked and worked and I think it came out great.
Here is one of the small squares I made. The two quilts are t-shirts from when I was younger. This one right here with the Hawaiian print is from my college years or a lot of my sorority t-shirts from USF. Some are from sports I played like crew and Rugby. :) Yes, I tried both while in school. I did crew for about 3 months but after falling asleep in class from practicing at 6 am Mon-Sat...and having NO social life I quit. Then Rugby was fun until I saw a guy holding the skin around his zygomatic arch in place...EW!!!
I played in I think two tournaments then slowly stopped going to practice because I just didn't want to see my face get smashed. :)
This is a close up view. I machine quilted because two quilts hand quilted was just too much for me to get my head around. It isn't perfect but it has TONS of personality. If you look closely in the background you can see Angel and Collins singing "live in my house, I'll be your shelter just pay me back with one thousand kisses." Did I mention I LOVE that movie. :)

Another pictures of a close up. I used both the back and fronts of many of the shirts. The little squares are from most of the fronts of the shirts. :) I'm really proud of myself for finishing this. I still have matching pillows to make but that will come. I'm done sewing until I move....Yes, I just said it I'm waiting for something to happen before doing something...sorry CAP but I just need a break from sewing...and I want to go back to my knitting. :)

This is the finished picture of my high school quilt. These t-shirts are a lot of beer advertisements but what can i say. There all really just Panama shirts. I grew up there and these are all from when I was there. more thing. So you see that this is a black quilt right?? Yes. And you see my black dog nicely sleeping next to my work station. Now that is the dog that this quilt will be ok with but what I realized while I finished this quilt in my house is that it is a Abby hair MAGNET!!! I should have taken a good pictures of some of the hair that's on the quilt but again...didn't think about it. My poor Abby has really bad skin and right now with the change of weather it's been SUPER bad. She's been eating her skin off and her hair which adds to the shedding in my small apt. I gave her a bath in Oxy Meds shampoo yesterday and I hope it helps. I might even give her another one tomorrow so it calms her skin and slows the shedding. I even stopped while quilting and I brushed them both and got off a LOT of hair that would have ended up on my poor black quilt. For reference of the hair that she's been chewing off I took this picture. This patch of hair was found on the floor in my bathroom. My poor Abigail is just an itchy mess. Ok...enough about my dogs. :) I hope that you've enjoyed seeing my finished quilt. I've put a lot of time into this quilt and I'm really happy with my first attempt at quilting. I think that I will try a smaller quilt next time and do a bit more hand quilting. For now back to my knitting. :)





  2. Thank you!!! I'm so glad I'm done but it was so fun in the processes. I've already been scouting out new sewing projects. I have a knitting bag and a tool roll on my next up list. :)


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