Thursday, August 2, 2007

Ginups....and rain rain go away....come back another day.

So...this is a two part post. First off...I grew up in Panama for those who don't already know this...and Panama of course is in Central America and is a rain forest and well has different fruit from up here. When I was little, one of my favorite seasons was Ginup there was always street vendors in selling flowers, mangos, or whatever else was in season. I always knew ginup season was around when the men/women/children were holding up big bags of green fruits called ginups....or as I discovered yesterday at Publix....Mamocillos is what they are called in the Dominican Republic and I was so excited to find out that they are being imported to Publix....

Yesterday as I was heading home from browsing around Jo-Ann Fabrics(after I updated my registration on my suv which was a bit late) and I was heading back home I decided to just go into the Publix that isn't my local one but maybe one of the closer ones to our new house. I got all the necessities and was getting veggies and fruits and I saw out of the corner of my eye a familiar looking fruit from long ago. I haven't been back to Panama since 99 so you can see it's been a while. I took a double take and there amonst the other unsuspecting fruit was the ginup or mamoncillo....oh how happy was I!!! I grabbed a bunch and as I was heading to the register tried calling my sisters to let them know the amazing thing I just discovered...of course non answered.. :)

So....after dinner last night I pulled out my packet of ginups and showed Special K was they were and how to eat them. At first he was at a loss for how much work they are for little reward but once he started eating them and got a good one he couldn't' stop and we almost finished the bunch. He said they made him feel weird...they kind of dry out your mouth but they are good and we enjoyed it tremendously. :)

So yesterday it rained most the day on and off...and so I was hoping that today would be different but unfortunately it hasn't been but it's been worse. It has rained non-stop since early this morning. I slept in because I thought that it was still dark and I was waiting for it to stop before taking the pups out. It didn't so I just took them out to the backyard since it's was pretty much flooding all around my apt and neighborhood. Jackjack hates to get rained on and was a baby while we were out there. He quickly went potty and just hung out right under the roof. Abigail the craziness that she is decided to find a tennis ball...soaking wet tennis ball and wanted to play. They both were soaking wet when we got back upstairs. Special K called and asked if I'd bring him lunch and as a good girlfriend that I am I picked him and his boss up some Chick-fil-A...MY favorite place and took them lunch in the pouring down rain but that's ok. It was nice to eat lunch with them and now that I know that I have to babysit tonight it's was good getting a chance to hang with him today. Kel and I are going to go to see Hairspray at 3:30 so that should be a fun thing to do in this kind of weather. :) Hope you are all safe and dry. Have a great day. are from my apt. My landlord's backyard and the view from my front steps.

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  1. Aaawww . . . . Special K, you finally popped your Ginup!

    Welcome to the family.


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