Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Getting ready for school.

Yes, I know I've been mentioning that schools starting soon. Two weeks from yesterday to be exact the little children are going to be entering the classroom. Next week us teachers officially go back to school. I've been back already for two weeks working on this program we bought. The program which is a student information systems for us with a grade book and some websites will be a great step forward for our school. It also hasn't been the easiest thing to organize and get up and running for my sister, Fleas and me. We've needed other peoples help for information and half this stuff isn't our job anyway....but as it always happens we get to do the work. This has left me little time to work on my classroom...well, I haven't really wanted to stay at school all day when I'm not really getting paid to. :) I really want to enjoy my last free week of vacation. Next week I have to be there most the day and am getting paid to. The following week it's teaching time so that's it....Summer is over.

I still haven't packed a single box in our apartment for our big move. Special K and I have discussed that this weekend is all packing and maybe one fun outing. :) I want to see Bourne Ultimatum!! He's going to be up in Ohio next weekend for a wedding and then the following weekend on the 25th we move into the new house. EXCITING!!! But I really need to jump start the packing bit.


  1. Special K says you've been doing a lot of knitting.

    A toboggan in Florida? I can't wait to see it.

    Hope everything is well and are you getting excited about the big move?

    Tell K to get back to his blog too. I love reading his stuff.

    Love to all

  2. That previous post was from me. I don't know how kenny's name got on my computer...............

    ........oh, wait. That e-mail from work someone sent him.

    that's the ticket.

  3. Hi - I'm also a St. Pete knitter. Are you going to the Stitch N Pitch next weekend? I'll be behind the 3rd base dugout in the lower section making a sleeve :)

    I have 2 kids in middle school this year and 2 in high school. I'm one of those people that are HAPPY that school is starting (sorry)...


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