Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Home Sweet Home.

I'm back home...it's my first night back after the adventures in babysitting since thursday. I'm happy to be home. I love home. Special K made me a wonderful steak dinner for my return home. We ate really late since the parents didn't get back until after 8 but the dinner was worth it.

I'm heading to bed but wanted to throw up a picture of some knitting I finished up this weekend. I also knitted two Mandy Candy Bags up for the two girls I was sitting for but didn't have my camera. :( Oh well. One of the girls even started learning to knit. I won't be there for the follow thru but she has casting on, knitting, and binding off. She's only 8 so she's going to need more coaching.

Also here are the two Paw Print Dishcloths I've knitted for my co-teachers. I have 6 more to go but they are a quick knit. :) We are the Red and white Panthers and I wish I had started doing them all with Red but didn't have time to pick up red yarn before I wanted to start them...so here we go..

Have a good night!! Happy Knitting!! I'm off to get some ZZZZ's in my own bed with new pillows...YummO


  1. I love the paw print washcloth, so cute.

  2. Ooh, I love these! I am going to make some for our Corgi-Aid auction this fall! Thanks for linking to the pattern, I've never seen this one before!


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