Thursday, September 6, 2007

Dogs on Thursday!!

We had a vet appointment yesterday, just their annual with all the shots. My local vet has a two for one so it's nice with two big dogs. Special K came with us for the first time. He's one step closer to adopting them. When we get married(we are not engaged yet but talk about it) then the dogs are ours but until then they are always mine when they are bad and ours when they are cute. :) Natural right?? Well...after all the commotion of the vet visit, which took over an hour and half because she wanted to talk about Abigail's allergies. Abby has bad skin and reoccurring ear infections. The vet really wants to have her tested for allergies to find out what it is and move on from there but that's a bit too much money for us right now. We just moved and the top priority is getting a washer, dryer, and a dresser. I told her I'd like to manage it until I can save some money for the procedure. Here are the pups while after they ate dinner. :)
Sleepy puppies.

They are my cute babies!!


  1. Ahhhh, what sweet faces!
    Great close up shots!
    Elsie has skin and ear troubles too because of allergies.
    It took a long while to find out she was allergic to the corn and wheat in her dog food and has seasonal allergies too like humans. She is much better now after we made the right food changes and she takes an allergy pill when the hay fever season is bad.
    Good luck with your Abigail, finding out what the allergies are takes awhile sometimes.
    By the way your knitting is looking really good.
    I like your birthday wash cloth! Cute idea!

  2. So sweet - nuttin' cuter than a sleepy pup :)

  3. Boy a day at the vet can really wipe you out!

  4. I missed napping babies?! Too too cute!

  5. They look so content and relaxed---lovely! My Max has allergies. Our vet told me to give him Benedryl tablets. He weighs 98# and has two a day when his allergy symptoms are really bad. Wonder if that would help your poor doggie??


  6. Isn't that just like men! Same with kids...yours when bad and ours when they are geniuses. Your sleeping puppies are very adorable. They look like angel pups! Vets can be so expensive, but nice that yours does a 2 for.

  7. Oh, are they adorable. Two big dogs? Sheesh and I only have one and feel like he's crowding me:)

  8. When you can swing it, definitely go for the testing. They can do a blood test and send it out to determine exactly what triggers your dog's allergic reactions. We did that for one of our dogs, and they mixed a custom vaccine for him. It was expensive, but after frequent injections in the beginning, we only had to inject him every 3-4 weeks, so the cost wasn't so bad. Benedryl will help, too, but I found that it didn't do a thing about the hair loss and it definitely suppressed the dog's personality, though it's a good stopgap measure.


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