Thursday, September 6, 2007


On friday, I had picked up the last of the bins that have been in the garage at our old apartment. One was full of all my christmas decorations, the second full of winter clothes and then the third was a jackpot of sorts. It contained some of my old decorations that I had in my apartment out in California. It also contained my old knitting. I might have mentioned before that I tried knitting about four or five years ago but didn't have help and got quickly discouraged and gave up. is what I found...

Not only did I pick metal needles but I picked out chenille. Of all yarn to pick, I pick fuzzy stuff. No wonder i had a tough time. Without help and on slippery needles with fuzzy yarn. I looked at my stitches and they were not bad but I remember frogging (which back then I had never heard the term) this like ten times. I'm proud of the small swatch I created back then. I fell like mounting it for prosperity. heheh. Look how I kept the knitting on the needles too.

OH goodness how far I've come with a little help and encouragement in the last two month. :) Thank you Knitting BLOG friends for all that you've brought to my life.

On to knitting today...
That's this months, Monthly Dishcloth KAL. It's a birthday cake. I think I need to try smaller needles for my next dishcloth because they all turn out short and stumpy. Any suggestions on why?? (my gauge is off)

Happy Knitting


  1. Love the dishcloth! And what a blast from the past! I still have my very first knitting, just a collaborative of stitches. If you're not getting gauge, just go up or down in needle size :)

  2. Your knitting reminds me of the first day of winter when you have to wear a coat (I have no idea if this ever happens in a warm place) and when you put your hands in your pockets you pull out a twenty. A good surprise that lasts with you all day. I second Carol's suggestion if it is too small go up a size, too big down a size in your needles.


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