Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New buttons. :) , stitch markers.

So...I took a quick break and made some buttons. :)

One is for my blog. :) Grab it if you'd like!!

The other one is for my Yarn Crawl Post. :)

Hope you like them. :)

I made stitch markers for my swap pals this weekend. Well...I didn't make them all. I went and bought some nice beads and sat watching football and started working on them. It's my first time making stitch markers and I had fun but I had a tough time getting the wire completely wrapped like I wanted it. I think the beads were too big. Special K noticed and asked if he could help me. He got it and ended up taking over. :) I was so happy. Not that I didn't like making stitch markers but Special K has not always understood my knitting but tries to be very supportive. This was the first thing that he did knitting related and I couldn't get the smile off my face for a while. I packed up my goodies for my Football-along swap pal and dropped it off at the post office on Monday. I hope she likes all the goodies I sent her.

These are the ones I had him make me with the left over beads. It's also a tease for my HSKS 3 swap pal!! Didn't Special K do a great job?

Happy Knitting.


  1. Hi - I got your comment from my blog today -

    Gnat has left a new comment on your post "Progress Update":
    Ask your husband if he can give me any advice for a girl coaching her first season of middle school girls volleyball....

    He said you might find the following book helpful -- By: Sally Kus - Coaching Volleyball Sucessfully (ISBN: 0736040374). The biggest thing is to have fun. He's been coaching for about 6 years and really loves it. It's mostly about doing your best to convey that to the girls.

  2. What a great button - I have to update my blog! Feel free to grab mine if you'd like :)

  3. I added the button today - feel free to grab mine! :)

  4. Hi I added a button to my blog.

    Hey your knitting is looking good.
    Wow you are on socks already!
    You are a quick learner.

    I love the sock yarn too.
    Knit picks is a fantastic yarn!
    You will like working with it.


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