Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tuesday night softball.

Last night we had a 9 o'clock game, a late one. We played hard but still lost in extra innings. A friend on the team dislocated her elbow in a collision at second so that slowed the game a little as well. She was taken to the ER by a friend that wasn't playing this week. We finished the game and Special K and I started heading home. As we were leaving the field we noticed a bunch of police around this one house and a young boy getting interrogated by the police with his parents there. So, today I found the story on the Breaking News blog. Check it out over here. It's a pretty crazy story and it's scary to know that this happened while we were playing.

Just thought I'd share the local news.

All is well with me and I'm knitting away, working a lot, coaching volleyball, and spending time with Special K. :)

Hope everyone has a SAFE and happy week.

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