Friday, October 5, 2007


I got my invite tonight!! Yeah!!! I'm barknknit. Find me!!

On a little side note, I was a bit upset when I got my invite...yes, what I have been waiting for all day... I was upset because Special K and I had a wee bit of an argument and put me in a bad mood. He told me I got the invite when he checked the computer and I was excited but when I started to get on Ravelry I was so bummed about not really "communicating" with Special K that I just couldn't. I stepped away and tried to watch Grey's which I thought would help but didn't. The only thing that did was finally "communicating" with him and getting all my upsetness(that is a word spell check!) out. We really didn't argue about anything big but I got upset and emotional. I am a female and I know I can be that way sometimes.

Anyway, after talking to him and finishing Grey's...hey it was a good one...I got on and started playing around. I like what I'm seeing so far!!! I'll give you another update tomorrow but now it's midnight and need to sleep or will be tired tomorrow. Not that I won't be already. :)



  1. WELCOME! I just added u to my friends :)

  2. Hey how do you like Ravelry so far? It's a time sucker! :)


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