Thursday, November 8, 2007

Dogs on Thurday!!

First off we are doing a swap for Dogs on Thursdays!! Go over and check it out...Should be fun. I'm helping Paula with it. It's a Dog Ornament Swap.

Ok...these pictures were taken when I was trying to get them together for a picture for my header. They are funny and were not cooperating as well as I'd hoped. Too many squirrels around.

They are just too cute!!

Happy Dogs on Thursday!!

PS. I'm getting picked up in 5 minutes to head to the airport. I'll be in NC for my friends wedding until Monday. I probably won't post but you never know. I have my travel knitting packed and ready to cast on!!


  1. What cute doggies! I really like the one where they look like mirror images -- so cool.

  2. Oh I love that 2nd pic... with some cropping and a cute holiday border, it'll be a great xmas card!! :)

  3. You know how I have a dog named Abby and you have a dog named Abby? Well one of my husband's best friends has a nine month old human named Abigail Grace. Its a world of small coincidences.


    PS do I have to be a member of Dogs on Thursday to do the swap?

  4. That first photo is cute, but I know what you mean. I always get photos like that when really what I want is a photo like the second one. The banner on my blog is actually my husband's best attempt at getting the two dogs to sit close together for a photo that he was going to use as the label on some beer he was brewing. It didn't work for the beer, but I got a banner out of it!

  5. Have a good trip! And love dogs on thursdays so much!

  6. They are too cute. I love the pictures. Have a great visit and a safe trip. I must try that picture for my header thing. You are so clever!

  7. Yeah, have fun. The fall color hosuld be even more intense.

  8. Hey Congrats on winning the contest at Shut Up I'm Counting!! Those are goos prizes!!


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