Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wedding Weekend update and some sharing of contests!

I was in Raleigh, NC this weekend for my friend Annemarie's wedding. She planned pretty much the whole wedding herself and she did a great job. Everything went smoothly and she looked absolutely wonderful in her wedding dress. This first picture is her with her two Panama friends, me on the left and Gisella on the right. :) These are from my friends camera not the photographer....that's why we aren't looking at camera. ;)

This is Christiaan, her husband with all the bridesmaids. :)

We were having a great time at the reception. I think I walked around with the same glass of wine all night. :)

After the wedding and reception, we went to a bar and hung out. The guy is Blake, Annemarie's old roommates boyfriend. He is convinced that he will never marry. I was trying to help her out by giving him a talking to. :) It didn't work. He still never wants to...but I tried. Blake also just got Guitar Hero 3 and so I just have to try it out. Think we might be getting it for a Christmas present.The weekend was great. I won't tell you all the info but we had a small bachelorete party on Thursday. We went to a nice Italian restaurant and then headed to a local bar. It was very low key but very Annemarie. Friday was more errands and the rehearsal and dinner. That was also at a very nice Italian restaurant. You would have thought they were Italian not Panamanian and Dutch. Saturday was up early for hair and then off to the church for the wedding and then reception all evening. I had a great time and am thoroughly exhausted.

I got to catch up with some friends from Panama and meet her friends up there. I even ran into a friend from Panama's boyfriend who learned to knit last December when it was slow at work. We talked about knitting and I told him when he finishes his scarf...he will just have to do a guest post on my blog...so keep an eye out for that. :)

On the flight back from NC, I met a guy sitting next to me who works for Petfinder.com. Thought that was so cool. I told him about the link I have on my blog and he says soon they will have video on their site too. That is cool!! If you have never heard of Petfinder...you just have to go check it out!!

Well...knitting. I didn't really get much travel knitting done. I finished a coaster and cast on for my sock on the way up. I worked on my nephews hat while I was there because it was a brainless knit. The plane back I knit a couple rounds on the sock but slept most the flight. ;)

Contests....Ok...I won Cass' contest...that's exciting. Not sure what I won yet but waiting for her email. :) She also moved her blog over to wordpress so make sure to check it out.

Two contest you need to check out are over here. :) Remember to let them both know I sent you. http://knittingunderway.blogspot.com/ and http://lotusknitter.blogspot.com/
Both are comment contests.. :) Fun ones at that.

This is my 99th post and guess what that means...the next one will be a contest. :) I just found a great idea for my prize...so as soon as I get an email back from my sister then I'll post about the contest. It's going to be a comment contest so watch out for it.

My knitting group starts today. I'll post up pictures and let you know how it goes after my contest post.

Happy Knitting

PS...I usually love to leave comments on others blogs but when I got back I had over 200 blog post to read so I really skimmed through them. Sorry if I didn't comment. I'll resume commenting soon.


  1. You look so pretty, kitten!

    Oh and I forgot to mention it ages ago, but Maddy has the same doggie bed as your babies!!

  2. That dress looks fabulous on you.

    I know a couple of people that missed you very much.

    Glad you had a good time.

    See you very soon. Be careful on the way north.

  3. Great pix! Gorgeous dress!
    Can't wait to see and hear about the knitting group!
    Very cool about Mr. petfinder - they do have video up on some of the dogs' pages now!

  4. I love petfinder. I find myself visitng frequently, despite the Urban Zoo and its youth!

  5. You look great in burgundy, the bride looked pretty good herself. :)
    WE troll Petfinder all the time. My colleague, Nancy, sits on the local ASPCA board, hence the new doggy in our shop. I will be posting more pup pics myself. Good luck with your contest.


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