Monday, December 31, 2007

Catch up Post 2 - Donated yarn!!

Ok, this is a LONG TIME coming but THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all of you who donated yarn and needles for my After school Knitting group. The yarn and needles have been great. The kids haven't really made anything but a couple dishcloths they have been doing wonderful learning and enjoying the art of knitting. :) I am so proud of them. We have a long way to go but are doing great. Thank you all for those who sent yarn. Here is the roll..

Paula from Basset Knitter send some great Patons Classic Wool and some bamboo needles.

Kristy send a bunch of great learning yarn. :) (not sure what her blog is)

Nicole from Lapdog Creations sent a whole slew of great stuff, yarn and needles galore!!

And Devin, who I met through HSKS #3, of Evil Tuesday, send some great yarn and needles too.

Thank you again to all these women who donate yarn to my knitting group. The kids have appreciated it greatly and when they can will knit all of you something. I hope I didn't miss anyone. If I did please let me know. If you have a chance please go check out these wonderful women's blogs.


  1. I hope the kids are having fun learning!!!

  2. Wish I knew you were collecting yarn for the kids! I could've plumped up the package with a few balls of yarn. Thank you for spreading the knitting bug to the next generation.

  3. Do you still need more yarn? PM me and let me know.


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