Monday, December 31, 2007

PS. Ok...I wasn't done. I just seem to have a lot to say.

My brother and I bought Special K a tennis racket for Christmas. We've gone twice now and last night we took Surfer Girl with us. Now...Special K decided to dress in all black...not sure what he was thinking but it was funny. He also had on his blue headband which you can't really see in the picture...again from my cellphone. Hope you enjoy. :)
I also wanted to say Thank you to my book swap pal. It was really late but that's ok. Life happens. It's a great package though. I got three books and some chocolate covered pistachios, which Special K has eaten most of.
I also wanted to include some puppy pictures since I missed DOT last week. Here's sleepy Jackjack.
And Abigail chewing her bone on our tree skirt, her favorite place to hang out lately.
Ok...that's it for sure!! Happy New Year!!

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  1. Cute pics - thank you for the card & pics you sent! I will be playing bloggy catch up later today...


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