Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dogs on Thursday, toe update, SnB.

For todays Dogs on Thursday I wanted to share my napping puppies. They had gotten baths and Special K decided to cover them up because Jackjack was cold. He's such a big sucker. They sure are cute. :)

Jackjack tends to act funny during the cold weather but he's been really funny lately. He gets excited about almost anything it's so cute. :) Abby is still itchy but we are saving up for her to go to a specialist for her allergies. It may take us a bit but I think Special K and I both feel bad that she's itchy.

I almost forgot!! I mentioned to Nichole from Lapdogcreations about my escape artist Jackjack. I actually have video of him getting out. I used to have him on a webcam when I worked at an animation studio. All my friends at work would watch him on it all day. :) It was funny. I even made him his own website But I thought I'd share the video of him escaping one day. I had to get a new crate and re-enforce it after this. He is no longer crated because of an incident where he broke the crate and pierced his tongue. That was the day it was put away. It kind of sounds like he wasn't crate trained but he was. He just was better when he had a routine and when it got disrupted is when things would happen. The piercing happened when my roommate was taking care of him. Jackjack also spent more than 2 months in the SPCA before I got him and is not a fan of being confined.

The video is kind of long but you can really see him thinking. :) Well...hope you enjoy the video.

Well...a quick update on my toe. The doctor didn't have the x-rays so he said he'd look at them this afternoon when he went over to the hospital but he said from the review of them he got that we might need to remove it (the bone chip). He spent about 20 minutes trying to figure out what he could do now and I ended up leaving with some cushiony thing around my toe. It hurt at first but then felt really nice. I'll spare you the pictures of my un-manicured toes. :) I won't find out for sure what he plans to do until my apt next Thursday so I'll let you know.

Last nights SnB was so much fun. We had about 7 people and everyone seemed to have a great time. :) I worked on my Monkey sock but didn't get too much done because I was kind of tired.

I'm going to head to another Knit night tonight at Needles and Knobs. Since I've decided to take the season off from softball, I can skip the practice today. I'm kind of sad that I won't be playing but have been for almost two years so a break will be nice. I wish it was a choice and not because of my toe though. Oh well.

Well...hope everyone is doing well. Happy Dogs on Thursdays!!

PS...Paula and I are going to try to come up with a great spring activity for the DOT group!!


  1. LOL Oh how cute all bundled up and that video..should've done that to Lady the first few weeks we left her alone until we found the right
    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  2. LMAO... great video!!!! They are such thinkers, that's for sure.
    OH NO about your toe... removing it sounds extreme??!!

  3. oh oh oh...I have that quilt too! Well I think. Is it corduroy??? My MIL got it for me right before we moved into the new house!

    You dog looks like he takes up so much of the crate. I'm used to seeing short dogs in crates and the crate always look humongous.

    I agree with Nicole that it seems like it would have to be really extreme to remove your toe!

    (oh and the letter thing that I have to fill out to post says yarn)

  4. They look so content...maybe they could do a commercial for the sleep number bed???!!


  5. I just realized that it does sound like I'm going to need my toe removed. :) I edited a little.

  6. Jack is soooo cute :-) He reminds me of my NOr

  7. That is a great video!
    He is one smart dog!
    I love his website and the name too!
    I hope your toe gets better.
    What an ouch!

  8. So sorry about your toe. At least you look at the positive side that a break from softball will give you more knitting time. And, after all, you have a wedding to plan! Gotta love those dogs. I really don't think you will have to have your toe removed.

  9. Your babies do get cold, don't they? As for JackJack? It made my hair stand on end watching the video. That is always a worry for me with my dogs. At least Grover is too big for the crate and I cannot possibly afford a new one in his size.

  10. I love watching the thinking dogs...and he's also fun with the returning to the scene of the crime (he must not have a lot of room to run around in... :-)

  11. LoL. Funny. I like how Jack goes back to see what he did. Too funny. Hope your toe can be saved. Would hate for you to walk off balance the rest of your life.

  12. I sure hope your toe gets better fast. Oh that JackJack! what a funny video!

  13. I guess Jackjack was thinking about the phrase "If at first you don't succeed, try try again." Then he went back to the crate to admire his work, maybe? I hope Abby's itchies are getting better.


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