Monday, January 7, 2008

Foot update and a sad 21st Anniversary.

First off my toe has a bone chip. Yes, some how in the last two weeks or so my toe decided to shed some bone and has created a bone chip or Osteochondritis. The doctor said these are normal in our toes because we have so many bones but this one is in an abnormal place. My toe which is long and abnormal as it abnormal. GREAT!! Well, the first good thing the doctor did today was he had the "girls" in his office set me up an apt with a foot doctor. I didn't have to do anything. The "girl" in his office just called me back and gave me the doctors name and time of the apt and said is that ok. I said sure is and I have my apt on Thursday at a time when I don't have class, which works out perfect. Now I just have to hobble around until then and hope no one steps on my bone chip and I have to kill them.

My Mother
Carmen Delia
May 25th, 1938 - January 7th, 1987 a change in my post I guess I'll say. Today is the 21st Anniversary of my mother's death. She passed away from breast cancer when I was 6 and a half. I know she had been sick for a while. Her death has effected me in so many ways. I miss her dearly and don't really remember her as I wish I could. I don't really have my own memories of her. I remember things from pictures I have but I'm not sure it's the picture I remember or the time of the picture.
I was young and very spoiled. I was a late baby, she had me four days before her 42nd birthday. One of my four sister's always tells me that she called me her masterpiece. I wouldn't say that but I was her baby. It's weird losing a parent especially a mother so young. I mourn her every step of my life. I feel when I need a mom the most is when I miss her the most. I know lately with my engagement and the planning of the wedding it's hard to think that she's not here. I wish I could call her and ask if she approves or if she supports what I'm doing. Everyone always says she was an amazing woman and that I look a lot like her. She had to be amazing to raise my sisters and brother and do all that she did. I miss her always and forever.

I got an email from my dad today. He always emails us on big days like today. I asked him if it's OK that I share this and he said OK. So here's what he sent:

It has been 21 years, since we lost that glimpse of heaven of our mother, wife and friend, Carmen Delia. Yes, it been twenty years today that Carmen pass away. Little did we all know how much of a void, she would make in our lives. We all have had trouble dealing without her support and counseling. Yet only the union of us, her family, has made her presence felt, and has help us deal with her being gone. She is still with us in every smile, every major action and every wise decision we make. God bless us all, for God has and is blessing her. And may we always keep her in our memory. Dad. January 07,2008

I can't describe how much I needed this

This was I think one of my mom's favorite necklaces. My sister Tammy has this framed with the necklace up in her living room. I love both the picture and the necklace. :)

PS...You would not believe how hard it was to get digital pictures of my mom. I tried to take pictures of the pictures I have because my scanner is at work and called two sisters. Fels quickly scanned the top one before she went off to dinner with her husband. I obviously took the picture with my camera of the one that is of me and her. Tam sent me the last one. Thank you to them for sending me those. I guess we need to spend time digitizing all her pictures.


  1. It's one of those weird mild stones, this is the day I have lived longer without my mom than with her. We will all always miss her.

    Love Ya!

  2. Hope your foots get better soon! And that was a great tribute to your mom!

  3. Being a mom, I know she would be so proud of the wondrous woman that you've become. And, although she can't be here for you physically...........she's always there for you spiritually.....through your sisters and your family. And when you have your babies, you will be able to see her in their eyes.

    You look a lot like her. And, I remember seeing that necklace at your sister's house when we had to take a shower.

    It's a real testament to their love that your father can remember her like that.

  4. That is a great tribute to your mother. I know that even though you are sad without her, she is always with you in your heart and soul. My co-workers mother died a couple years ago and she just got married so in honor or her mother, she placed a white rose on one of the chairs in the front row symbolyzing her presence that day.

  5. that was a wonderful tribute to your mother. I'm sure she would be quite proud of you and support you all the way!

    Hope your toe is better.

  6. Thanks for sharing your mom's story with us, what a lovely tribute.

  7. Sweet lady. You do look an awful lot like her. Loved your story.

  8. Thoughts, prayers and hugs are with you. I do believe that she is still with you in spirit. My son was gone when I remarried and we had a song sung in tirute to him at the wedding. It was beautiful.

  9. Big hugs... thank you for sharing the story of your beautiful Mom. Your Dad's note is so precious.
    Hope your toe heals quickly! My finger has been feeling odd and I'm wondering if it could be a similar thing? hmm..

  10. I can't begin to imagine how hard it must be for your family to lose your mom at such a young age. What a beautiful tribune! Cherish the memories ......

  11. What a great tribute to your Mom!
    I am so glad you shared that!


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