Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Thankful Tuesdays

Today has been a long day so it's actually nice to focus on what I am thankful for.

Today I am thankful for my blog friends and their wonderful support and comments. I never knew starting a knitting blog would bring all these great people along with it. I love reading blogs and writing my blog and it's great to have met so many people since July, when I started this blog. I'm thankful for those of you who comment on my posts and share you insights. I am thankful even for those who lurk but don't comment. I know your out there and that's ok if you don't comment I still appreciate you stopping by and reading. I want to say sorry to the comments that get made and I don't get a reply back to you. I like to reply to every comment but sometimes the day goes by so quickly. For all of you who don't always get a reply...thank you for continuing to comment and know that every comment you make is appreciated. :) I hope to keep posting as often as I can...lately it's been almost every day. Not sure how I've been managing that but I'm glad I have been. I hope that you guys stick around and keep reading and sharing my stories, knitting, and general craziness with me.

I also thank you for writing your own blogs for those who have them. I love reading them and catching up on what you are knitting and what is going on in your life. I love sitting down and going through my Google Reader and checking all my blogs. I don't comment on every post but I definitely read them. Thank you for taking the time to share your stories.

Thank you bloggy friends!! You make my day!!

PS. Thank you to all who commented on my post about my mom. That was not the easiest to write but I'm really glad I did. Your comments were wonderful. It's a nice feeling to know that people say I look like her. Thank you.


  1. Gee...I go to comment on this and can't think of anything to say. I've really enjoyed reading and I imagine that everyone that comments has.

    Hope your toe is a bit better!

  2. Google Reader...I need to learn about this. I've been taking the long way all this time.

  3. I think we are all grateful for Googe Reader; I know I am.

    It has been a joy getting to know you. I am so glad that Nichole put that post up about your blog :)

    That was a wonderful tribute to your mom.

  4. Oh, I'm getting all teary eyed... I enjoy our chats- they really break up the day!


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