Sunday, January 13, 2008

Goodbye Dixie. You will be missed.

Sad news today from Ohio. Dixie, sharimom's beloved cat had to be put down. He will be greatly missed by both Special K and sharimom. As sharimom shared with me that Dixie had a girls name because they thought he was a girl for a long time. Sharimom also said "He was my bestus boyfriend and loved me unconditionally. I miss him so much my heart hurts. The other cats wonder around looking for him. I tell them that he's gone on to save us a seat." She has three other cats but as we discussed on the phone they each are different and have a different meaning to you. They are like children and none can replace the other. Please send out good wishes to sharimom today as she mourns a loss.

Dixie at his finest.

Knitting: I also wanted to share with you my progress on my Monkey sock. I've pretty much memorized the pattern and am onto the foot. Hopefully will finish soon so I can cast on for the second one. I got a lot of it done while watching Special K play tennis with his father. Was a tough match and they both enjoyed themselves. It was the first time they have played tennis together so it was interesting. Hope they play more often and that my toe heals so I can join in.

Happy Knitting!!


  1. So sorry Sharimom and Special K. Best wishes to you both!

  2. sorry to hear about Dixie :(
    hugs to Sharimon and special K

  3. I am sorry about Dixie. It is so hard to say goodbye to a pet.

  4. So very sorry... big hugs & good thoughts to Sharimom. May Dixie have passed over the Rainbow Bridge to find long lost friends.

    Great sock in progress pic!

  5. so sorry to hear about dixie :( monkeys are coming out awesome! i actually put mine on ZZZZZ to start another pair, reason wednesday if i see you, and i am onto the heel now. I LOVE THAT PATTERN. wasn't it such an ahhh moment when you realized you knew the pattern? tickled me no end. :)

  6. Thanks everyone.

    The pain is so unbearable sometimes it's hard to breathe.

    But I'll be okay. I know he's not in pain any more.

    great sock pic...happy anniversary

  7. My sincere sympathy to Sharimom and Special K {{hugs}} Dixie looks like he was one in a million...

  8. Sorry to hear about poor Dixie....

    Your Monkey socks are coming out really cute.


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