Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dogs on Thursday!!

So we are starting a fun swap over at DOT!! If you've got a doggie you should go check it out. There's also a doggie spotlight on Goldentrack's puppy Jackson. He is a cutie!! If you haven't seen her new blog, she has got the most beautiful golden retrievers and a cute beagle. She's also jump started into blogging. She was supposedly hesitant but it doesn't show. :)

edited to add button for swap that I just made:
This week is picture week:

My Cute Abby with her ball!! She looks so good against the grass! :)And a man and his golden looking out to sea. I wonder what he's thinking here. :)And my BIG headed Jackjack!!
Well...there's some pictures of our outdoor times. We haven't done that in a while and I miss it. When my toe finally heals, I have big plans for loads of walks and maybe even work on riding my bike with Abby or roller blading with her.

I had to go back to the doc yesterday because my toe was not looking good. He said i may be allergic to Neosporin, who would have thought. I now need to soak my foot in a vinegar/water solution and put iodine with gauze on it. Fun fun fun. He sent a swab to the lab to see if I need antibiotics too. My toe was looking great before the Neosporin so I'm sure it should heal soon. My poor doc thought he was done with me and now I have to go back again next week.

Happy Dogs on Thursday!!


  1. Cute! You have such a pretty girl...

    My DoT will be worth the wait... Sissy has a playdate tonight!

  2. Ooh, it's really rough being allergic to something so useful. My odd allergy is Benadryl, so I definitely understand the "who'da thunk" feeling.

    Lovely pictures; the man with his golden looking out to sea is definitely not thinking about the winter blues.... :-)

  3. Your pictures make me long for summer. Speedy toe recovery!

  4. Ahhh I love the pics of the dogs on the Green Grass and at the Beach!
    Oh how I miss the beach and seeing green grass in winter!

    Oh I hope you heal soon!
    Elise will send her healing drool and vibes!

  5. Great pics!

    Who would've thought an allergy to neosporin? Hmm..

  6. Beautiful pix, all! Abby and Jackjack looks so happy in their beautiful surroundings.

    Hope you heal quickly! The strangest things happen---I mean...Neosporin, really?!


  7. What beautiful pictures! The ocean looks so blue and so calm. Surf is high on this side of the coast and the water is always bitter cold.

    About the housework in your other post. I cook and he cleans, I do laundry but he has to keep his own things in order, as I hate picking up after people. We both work, so housework has to be evened out. You can't do everything just because of your gender, not in my dictionary. Have you seen my Good Husband's Guide? Hope it gives you a little chuckle:

  8. I love the pics! i feel for you on the allergies. i have allergies and unfortunately I am also allergic to antihistamines! So what's a girl to do?


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