Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wedding Wednesday

I'm still working on picking out the yarn but I've gotten some great suggestions. :) I plan to purchase the yarn by mid March and then cast on from there.

We've been talking about our honeymoon a little bit lately. The main decision has been that we've decided that we won't be taking it until a while after the wedding. I suggested we plan a trip to NC and spend a week in a cabin there in January of next year. Would be nice to get away for a bit but I think Special K would like to wait longer and do something more fabulous. We had thought about going to Panama, where I'm from and spend time there but he doesn't think that it would be enough of a honeymoon because it would be family time and very nostalgic for me. I agree with him. So, the plan right now is to not really worry about it and just start planning after we are married. I still think we should try for a cabin in the mountains or a cabana by the beach somewhere.

We had a very interesting conversation yesterday....about CHORES. Since my surgery I have slacked big time in cleaning. I am not the most spotless of people but when I clean I do full on cleaning. I haven't gotten a cleaning wind since my toe surgery. Usually my toe hurts when I get home and all I want is to lay down. Special K, works a lot and likes to relax as well. When he gets home he doesn't want to clean either. So, while thinking at work he came up with a chore list for us. I'm not so sure how I like it but we will see how it goes. I'm willing to do my part and more if I have to but I don't know how I like the structured cleaning. :)

Does anyone have advice?? I feel some people will feel like it's my job to do all the cleaning because I'm the woman but I feel this isn't right because I work a lot too. Yes, I get off before he does but I still work. What do you guys do?? Any recommendations or advice or cleaning examples would be much appreciated.

Thank you!!

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

PS. I'm off to the Stitch n Bitch early tonight since I will be babysitting and have to pick up girls early too. So...gotta run!


  1. I am definitely much older than you--and my hubby is 12 years older than me. You can guess which generation he is from--men don't do housework..basically I do the inside and he does the outside. We do have a lot of property--18 acres and a lake and a pool so the outside is a lot of work. But really only in the late spring--summer and fall. He kinda doesn't do much in the winter. I think it is great that special K is willing to share the work.

  2. We divvy up the chores based on what we each have going on on a given evening. Hubby has school 2 nights a week, so I take care of child and do housework. On the alternating nights, he comes home and does that stuff. So, we each have a couple nights to do stuff we would choose to do.

    My advice is to divide the chores equally now. If you don't you'll always be expected to do everything - and trust me - if you have kids, you'll have LOTS to do as a mom.

  3. We take turns, I do the regulary weekly cleaning one week and the next I get to be lazy and he does it. There isnt much to clean up after with just the two of us, it would change if we ever had kids but that is how it is for now, and you get a whole weeks vacation every other weeks :-) Same goes for poop duty with the dogs.

  4. We split things up pretty evenly:

    Al: laundry (washing/drying), feeding/pooping dog, vacuuming carpet/vinyl, car maintenance, emptying dishwasher

    Me: folding and putting away laundry, mopping vinyl, cleaning bathrooms (we have 3), cooking, filling dishwasher.

    We agreed on this a year ago when he moved in and it works for us. Al does slack and I have to get on him to do his part but I don't mind - he does the laundry so I can't complain that much.

    The way I see it, we both work 40 hours and neither works harder than the other and make nearly the same salary. There's no reason at all for one person to do all the work. I mean, who LIKES doing chores? Neither of us do so we both share the burden.

    Some things we do together, like changing the linens, grocery shopping and other projects as they arise. We're partners and equals in this -

  5. I am happiest when we divvy up chores. Funny b/c my hubby does so much around here anyhow. I want to feel like it isnt a looming never ending thing.

    One week someone does laundry and floors.

    The other person, chooses dinners, shops for them and cooks them.

    We also have a cleaning woman 2x a month. Worth every penny

  6. You already know our chores situation, but I wish you luck. ;)

  7. Its 2008... time that household chores be SHARED! I'm fortunate that I have a guy who does some of the cooking & cleaning too though. He does a lot of the "outside" stuff (snow removal, yard work, pooper picker upper, etc.) and I try to do more of the inside stuff.

  8. Yeah, we have a kind of rotation with dishes- we trade off. And the other person will dry the plates and bowls if there are alot of dishes (so the rest can fit in the drying rack). Otherwise, we both kinda realize that the place is a mess- and then we clean. I do more tidying (putting things in thier places) and Mark does more of the sweeping, cleaning the stove, etc. It works for us, but I remember having a chore list as a kid...

  9. good luck with chores...our solution is to generally avoid them. :-)

    that said...

    one of the conditions of having more than one dog was that I have to do everything dog-related, such as poop/vomit duty, etc. He does yard and snowblowing stuff, but I garden. we each do our own laundry (and it really works well for us).

    we honestly do have problems inside the house...usually no one does anything until it drives one of us crazy, usually me. I tend to do most with the dishes, but I can frequently get him to do the shopping. He'll sweep, but I tend to vacuum, both when beyond necessary or when we'll be having fussy company.

  10. We take turns, I'm a slacker. We also have a cleaner come in once every two weeks.

  11. Be very careful in picking out your cabin if you decide to do that. We once paid a huge amount of money because of a family reunion for a cabin in Ohio when none of the motels in the area would take dogs. I carefully reviewed the photos on the website and read everything about the place, comparing it to others in the area. I thought I'd made a good choice.

    It was summer and when we got there the two old AC units could barely cool the place. The sofa in the living room was a lumpy futon, the bathroom was too tiny for words, and the place just had a dingy feel to it. But, I've been in state park cabins in Ohio and West Va, especially the ones in Watoga State Park, where many of the cabins are adorable both inside and out. The one in Ohio made our own cabin in Michigan seem like a palace.

    No problem leaving a comment this time. Thanks for fixing things.

  12. I have that same feeling too about the housecleaning and working all the time.
    It is hard when you both work alot and are sore and tired at the end of the day.

    My guy is actually pretty consistant about the chores he does. But they are ones that he agreed on.
    If I ask him to do a chore that he really hates then it will never get done right and I will always have to re do the work.
    ie, cleaning the bathroom!
    But I hate doing the cat box and cleaning the back yard and he does those chores well and without complaint so I don't nag about the other things he doesn't do around the house.

  13. Gnat, we share the daily duties. I take care of the laundry and he will carry the dirty stuff downstairs and the clean stuff up. He usually takes care of kitchen clean up, dishwasher and all.

    About 2 years ago, I finally talked him into getting a cleaning person to come in every other week. Oh my gosh, that is simply the BEST. I agreed to pay for it out of my paycheck and it's the best $80 I spend. Every two weeks is a good time frame for us, because it's just us two and Char's hair. So the house never really gets bad, and that means NO STRESS about it. Some may think it's an excessive luxury, but we aren't rich and I would gladly sacrifice something else just to keep those cleaning fairies coming. After your wedding is over and life is normal, think about giving yourself that gift. You won't be sorry.


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