Monday, February 4, 2008

Monday....and KIP pics.

It's Monday and after the weekend it's always hard to come back to school. Especially when the kids barely want to be here themselves. I had a good weekend and spent a lot of time knitting. I finished my Monkey sock and met up with Sheryl and some others from our SnB. Sheryl and I spent the 2 hours learning the magic cast on for toe up socks. It was fine after we figured it out but it was a process. :) I cast on both toe's and when I get a better picture I'll show them.

So...My class was practicing Photoshop today and I came across these pictures so I figured I'd share them with you. I love knitting so much I will take it anywhere with me. This was on a school field trip to Seaworld. This was right before I started my knitting group so it sparked their interest in the art form.

Well...hope everyone is having a great week. I'm mentally preparing myself for my toe surgery on Friday. Yes, I know I'm's ok.

Happy Knitting!!

PS...I'm working on my next podcast. It should hopefully be up by next week. YEAH!!


  1. hey - i tagged you. come by & play!

  2. Oh sugar, I need to listen to podcast #1... sorry!!!
    Love your photoshop work! :) I need to get something done for a new button that includes Sophie... not sure if I should just add her face to the one with the 3 already (which was just 1 photo with the background zapped out)... thoughts?

  3. Toe surgery?! You mean like surgery on your actual toe? Ow. Hope it goes well. I'll be thinkin about ya.

  4. The Photoshop pic is great! I used to be so good with that program, but have lost it as the versions changed.

    Good luck with your surgery! I just got a new iPod, so I'm going to download your podcast.

  5. I cant wait to hear your next podcast :-) :-)

  6. Great picture. Happy knitting to you too!

  7. Love the pic. Good luck on the new socks


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