Sunday, March 2, 2008

Chores, Podcasting, contests, and some knitting!!

I had a pretty good weekend. Saturday was spent doing the chores I've mentioned. It was fun...ummm...yeah fun. :) The dogs and house are clean and laundry is still being done. So it was a productive weekend. We went bowling saturday night. Well, Special K went bowling and I sat and knit while talking to his friends. I actually had a great time.

Today was a great day. I woke up and spent the morning podcasting. There's a new episode up by the way. I talk all about Jackjack's accident and I get really emotional. I realized after I finished there isn't much knitting in the episode but oh well. Hope you guys enjoy it.

The afternoon was spent at Panera knitting with some friends from the SnB. I had a wonderful time and I actually taught someone else how to do something. Big moment for me!! I still feel like such a new knitter that when I can help people it makes my day. We ended up staying for 4 hours. We talked a lot and hatched big plans. hehehe.

Since I got home I've spent some time with Special K because he's not feeling that great today. I cooked dinner and we sat on the porch for a bit in the nice weather. I'm off to get ready for bed and knit a little more. We have standardized testing this week so I'm bringing my knitting with me and plan to knit all morning long.

Hope you guys have a great week.

There's a contest over at NH Knitting Mama's blog. I mentioned her in my last podcast but she has a wonderful etsy site that you should check out and tell her I sent you.

Warmth in the North
is also having a contest. Go over and let her know where you would like to visit in Canada and say I sent you.


  1. Thanks for the mention! I have added your entry into the hat.

  2. I hope that Special K gets better, Shane was sick a couple weeks ago too. Your podcast was great and thanks for mentioning me **Blush**... Have fun knitting tomorrow at work, I wish I could knit while working :-)

  3. Hope Special K. feels better soon!

    I want to knit at work too...

  4. I envy you the nice weather. It is 64 degrees in NE Ohio today--but expecting freezing rain tomorrow when we vote our primaries. At least we live close and hopefully will be melted by the afternoon. Happy Knitting

  5. Max & Lailah are SO excited that they received a Valentine today! It was extra fun to get another one as a surprise! They loved the treat and the card made especially for doggies. They send a slurp and a hug! (Yes, they know how to hug.)


  6. Furminator: QVC sells it for 27.12. Reg retail $47. Item number #M15553. Never used one, but saw the demo when they had it on air. Thought I'd mention ... price is probably better than any place. Besides that you can always add that to your "gift registry" for your wedding.

  7. thanks for the contest and etsy links. i always appreciate them


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