Monday, March 10, 2008

Knitting, Spinning, and catching up!! Pictures!

So...I have all these great pictures I've been meaning to post and fun things to talk about and I just haven't. Here's my catching up with readers. :)

Wednesday night I went to Panera for the SnB. I had such a great time. First off we set up a swift and a ball winder so I could wind my yarn into balls. :) Thank you Sean and Sheryl for bringing those. We sure were a spectacle in Panera but not one person said anything to us...not even the manager. :)
Look at all those fun faces having a good time on Wednesday night. We had a great turn out and took up quite a few tables.
Something fun I learned this week was SPINNING!!! My friend Manda, who is on the far right in the picture above brought her drop spindle and a big bag of roving and let me learn to spin. She also let me take all of it home with me to practice. We love Manda!! So check me out...I'm SPINNING YARN!! Yeah!!
I never got around to taking pictures of my first two finish products but a picture of my yarn is coming. :)

This Saturday I met up with my friend Darci for some coffee and knitting. We went to a new coffee shop by the beach. I wish it was ON the beach but oh well. We had a great time. I retaught her to knit.Doesn't she look like she's having fun!! I actually brought out my drop spindle and some roving and spun yarn in the coffee shop. I'm a public spinner. heheh
Here's my 3rd attempt at spinning. I'm getting better. I also used this picture for my podcast pic. the picture and it will take you over to Episode 5: Something New.
I had a great week last week. This weekend was fun and I got a lot of knitting done!! I have more pictures to share but will post in next post.

Happy Knitting and Spinning!!


  1. You're making me want to get out my spindle again... or better yet, purchase a better one because mine isn't great. I tried it a couple times and just didn't get that into it, then someone said it might be the spindle. I have some GORGEOUS roving I bought at a local farm... so maybe I'll get a new spindle at the Knit & Crochet show in July... hhmm.

  2. Looks like you guys had fun :-) I thought about spinning briefly, but then thought...nah, I'd rather let people do it for me and I will buy the finished project :-) :-) :-) I know I am lazy :-)It would be neat to :-)

  3. Cool looks like a fun weekend! better than digging out snow!!!

  4. How did you learn to spin so fast..I've been trying for a month now with very little success...ciao

  5. your spinning looks great for a beginner... i have been spinning 25 years and still can't handle a spindle... i have 4 wheels, why i don't know i can only use one at a time... but i love them all... also have a bunch of dogs... 4 border collies and one bouvier... i also do agility... have ya tried it... what a hoot... i love it... and i am not danity.... silk

  6. You did good... much better than I would of done. You've got more patience than I do.


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