Saturday, March 8, 2008

Guest Bloggers: Jackjack and Abigail Grace

Abigail: Yeah, I get to go first because I'm a lady and ladies always go first. Right Jackjack??

Jackjack: Sure, if you say so.

Abigail: So, our friend Oliver, who's mom is Knittinggal, tagged us in a meme. The question is What three things would you do that you have never done before; If you knew you wouldn't get caught, Get in trouble or suffer any consequences? hehehe...I like this question. First off I'd get all the socks in the house and pile them up and lay on them. I'd hold some in my mouth and I'd chew on all of daddies socks and I would just roll in the mountain of socks. Second, I would really like to go to the beach everyday. I think I could run there and play and be back by the time mommy got home from work. That would be awesome!! Last but not least I'd find a way to eat all the bread in the house. I love slices of bread and even a tortilla would be great. What about you Jackjack??

Jackjack: Ok, first I'd find a way to open the door while everyone was gone and I'd run around the neighborhood and torture the cats all day. Then I'd like to find all the raw and cooked meat in the house and eat it. I think I just need to figure out how to open the fridge...I know it's in there. Last thing I'd like to do and not get in trouble for would be to sleep in the bed again. I miss sleeping in bed with mommy. There's no room for me now but I still try. I'd like to be able to sleep with them and not get caught or kicked off.

Abigail: I'll help you chase the cats and squirrels. That would be fun. You can join me on my beach trip. Deal??

Jackjack: I guess so but don't expect me to share the food.

Abigail: Well...we'll see. I'm still a lady and I know you will share either way. Thanks, mommy's blog readers for letting us post. If any of our doggie friends want to join in the meme. We'd love to hear what you'd do. Mommy will be back later to share all her knitting news and more. She's been pretty busy today. Bye friends...bark bark bark!!

Jackjack: Bark bark!!


  1. Well Abigail and Jack Jack sounds like you would have fun... Eva, NOr and Bre would like to join you...But watch out, the litte on is a but pushy :-)

  2. That's just too cute...


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