Monday, March 17, 2008

New Spinning book!

I was listening to Lime & Violet the other day and Violet mentioned this amazing book on how to learn to spin and well since I'm learning to spin now and would love a book on spinning. I ordered the book. It's called Start Spinning: Everything You Need to Know to Make Great Yarn by Maggie Casey.

If you plan on ordering it or want to check it out, click on the link below or the sidebar and order away. I'm part of the amazon associates plan so if you order from amazon through the links on my blog I get some percentage of the purchase.

Happy Spinning!!


  1. You have more patience than me. I can't wait to see your progress. Yes, definately do not see 10,000 BC in the theater. Although, there were a few references to yarn and knitting that I found most amusing. But rent, if you want to see it.

  2. Well, since have spinning class on Saturday, I think I'll hold off for now... especially since I still insist I'm only fiber curious and not about to take up spinning as a hobby!

  3. I really want to learn to spin. I think Sean is making me a spindle so that I can get to it! I am so excited.

    Do you go to the knit night at Panera on Wednesdays? I am thinking about going tomorrow night if I can get a sitter and a ride.

  4. Spinning? God bless you because I barely have time to knit. Sometimes I am too tired at night to knit.
    Hope you are feeling better :)


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