Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Thankful Tuesdays...and sock dilemma.

This week I am thankful for my sisters. The first is Cris who made these awesome Save the Dates that you are just going to have to wait to see. Sorry. The second is my sister Fleas who got me a gift certificate to SonnyandShear.com. I've been waiting to order from them and now I can!! YEAH!! She is contributing to my stash and that is a great thing. Thank you!!

Ok...so the sock dilemma is that since I cast on my first sock I've had a sock on the needles. I've usually cast on the next pair of socks within a day or so of finishing the last pair or so it has seemed. Now, I'm waiting for sock madness to start so I don't want to cast on a pair yet. Hence I have no socks on my needles. This is weird. It's not like I don't have things on my needles to work on but no socks. :)

Also my friend Sheryl and I have determined that sock yarn is like crack or at least laced with it. It's so lovely and I just can't seem to stop wanting more or in her case buying more. Also I've determined that Malabrigo must be laced with the same. :) Ahhh...the joys of yarn. How I have become addicted.

Happy Knitting!!


  1. Dont worry it is a healthy addiction :-) :-) I have the same thing.... Hello...my name is Courtney and I am a sockyarnaholic :-)

  2. OK girls, I cast on my first pair of socks tonight. You're telling me I'll need to follow the 12 steps soon? ! :-)

  3. Glad I'm not the only one who feels a little out of sorts when there is no sock on the needles.

    Sock yarn, laceweight alpaca... Yeah... I am an addict!

  4. I agree I am now obsessed with socks. I just ordered a book on how to knit two at a time.

  5. Well, as you know, sock yarn does not count towards stash. And yes, it is laced with something isn't it, as is all yarn in general.
    Socks are just so portable. I say start a pair. It will make you feel good!

  6. LOL I think I have more sock yarn than I will ever knit up in my lifetime--I actually haven't bought any sock yarn for a coupla months. What sweet sisters you have.

  7. You are so funny. I love that your sis is called Fleas.

    I, gasp, shudder, am tired of socks. FInally. It took about 7 years. I'm sure it is just a phase. I dont want to see anymore sock yarn in my stash.

    This year I am working on big needles only. Like nothing smaller than a 6.

    I still LOVE seeing everyone else's socks.

  8. I know what you mean. Those needles wander off if they don't have something to do. Kinda like my mind! Brenda


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